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Cherée Johnson '03

When Cherée Johnson ’03 joined W.R. Grace, it was baptism by fire. The publicly traded company was considering (and ultimately accepted) a buyout offer to go private. While dealing with a vast amount of legal activity of a major M&A, she also has been overseeing the day-to-day legal work and taking the helm of the legal department at a time when much of the workforce is remote. As she has so often in her career, Johnson rose to the challenge and excelled. Corporate Counsel magazine recently named her “General Counsel of the Year—In-House” in its Women, Influence & Power in Law Awards. She believes that it is essential for diverse perspectives to be represented in the law department, C-suite, and the boardroom. (Read story.)

"Having different perspectives in the room in the form of diversity can only add to the richness of the conversation and the richness of the conclusion. You may get to the very same point, but those conversations and the journey that takes you there are invaluable."

—Cherée Johnson ’03

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