Professor June Carbone

Family Law Concentration

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of classes that offer multiple approaches for students interested in family law practice, estate planning, or family law and bioethics
  • One of the strongest family law faculties in the country, with professors who combine academic accomplishment with extensive practice experience plus national and international leadership in legal and policy initiatives
  • Strong array of clinical and experiential opportunities that range from jury trials in juvenile cases to high impact litigation, from community-based mediation to counseling and negotiation on behalf of individual clients
  • Writing opportunities with the Minnesota Law Review, Minnesota Journal of Law and Inequality, and other publications
  • Access to cutting-edge research throughout the University of Minnesota, including multidisciplinary family studies, social science, and neuroscience research
  • Networking and career employment opportunities with judges, family law practitioners, and government agencies

Study Opportunities

  • Required courses: Family Law; at least one immersion course (clinic or capstone); independent field placement; writing project approved by concentration chair
  • Opportunities to focus on family law sub-specialties, including litigation for a traditional family law practice; tax and drafting, wills and trusts, and elder law related to estate planning; and health law, reproductive rights, assisted reproduction and genetics courses related to family law and bioethics policy.

Practical Opportunities

  • Students can participate in four clinics: Child Advocacy and Juvenile Justice Clinic, Community Mediation Clinic, Family Law Clinic, and Indian Child Welfare Clinic

Employment Opportunities

  • The vibrant Twin Cities legal community offers opportunities for part-time work during the school year and full-time summer employment with governmental agencies, law firms, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Prospective employers from around the country recruit from the Law School to interview students for summer and permanent positions, and the Career Center provides regular notice of employment opportunities, fellowships, and other scholarly opportunities.