Professional Essentials Milestone

Professional Essentials introduces law students to core concepts surrounding development and interpersonal skills critical for career success. Students learn from staff, faculty, alumni, and professionals who are experts in career development and the legal field.

Milestone Objectives

  • Self exploration to understand individual professional short-term and long-term goals, and learn helpful tools for career success.
  • Gain strong, appropriate communication skills to create a professional brand with focus, purpose, and clarity.
  • Learn team dynamics and build collaboration skills to efficiently complete work in a timely manner with the right resources.
  • Understand and respect diverse views in order to provide professional and ethical client representation and work effectively across different perspectives.

Students have the opportunity to complete the Milestone throughout their three years of law school. Students must attend a minimum of 8 workshops, and complete the requirements below, to complete the Milestone. At completion, students receive a transcript notation signifying successful participation.

Milestone Requirements

  • Attendance at a minimum of 8 workshops
  • Creation and/or update of LinkedIn professional profile and "connect" with career counselor
  • Involvement with, or attendance at, a minimum of one Law School internal student group and/or networking event
  • Involvement with, or attendance at, a minimum of one external professional association and/or networking event

Workshop Syllabus

Fall Semester – 5 workshops

  • 1L Orientation: Develop Your Career Plan
  • Grit and Growth Mindset: Tools for Resolving Conflict and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Career Insight: Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Practice Area
  • Core Competencies in the World of Work: What They Are and Why They Matter

Winter Break – 1 workshop

  • Interviewing Skills and Mock Interview Program

Spring Semester – 5 workshops

  • Working in Diverse Environments: Understanding Implicit Bias and Client Representation
  • Legal Project Management: A New Requirement for Next Gen Attorneys
  • The Business of Law: Client Service, Billable Hour, Attorney Structure, and Business Development
  • Leadership Development for Lawyers
  • Work Product How-To: Constructive Feedback and Evaluations