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Bar Passage
(MN July 2022 First-Time Takers)
Top Markets for 2022 Grads
California | Illinois | Minnesota | New York | Washington D.C. | Wisconsin
Employment Rate
(2022 Grads; FT/ LT JD Required/ JD Advantage/ Grad)

111 Graduates in Law Firms

111 Graduates in Law Firms (47% of 2022 graduates)

Class of 2022 Employment Categories

Class of 2022 Employment Categories: Law Firms 47%, Judicial Clerkships 23%, Public Interest 12%, Government 7%, Business & Industry 6%, Education 1%. Employment statistics 10 months after graduation as reported to the ABA. Percentages rounded up or down to create whole numbers.
Student Organizations
Law students held summer positions across the U.S. in 2023
Professional Affinity Organizations
in the Twin Cities
2023 Profile Card: 2106 Applied, 218 Enrolled