Law School Network Printers

The Law School has many network printers for faculty and staff to use. A few are accessible school-wide, but most of them are limited to a particular department. The list of the printers is shown in the table below. The printer name includes the location and hardware information, for example, Law-MondaleH-443-RICOH6502C is Ricoh series 6500 color printer in Room 443.

When staff or faculty members are onboarding, Law IT and OIT may have worked with supervisors to give new employees access. Clinic staff and faculty have access to the Clinic Ricoh and Toshiba printers by default. If you need to access printers not installed on your computer, follow this procedure:

  1. Identify the network printers you need to access. In the tables below, find the printers either in your department and/or school wide.
  2. Request service by completing the form for any printers not installed on your computer. Mac users may already have access to the printers, and they just need to be installed—see step 3. For Windows users, the printers you have access to are usually automatically installed. For printers not installed on your computer, follow these steps:
    1. Navigate to Printer Assignment Request and log in with your University credentials.
    2. Click the ‘Request Service’ button.
    3. Fill in the form.
    4. Click 'Request' to complete.
  3. If the required printers are not installed on your computer, following these instructions for your operating system: 
    1. Mac: Install a Network Printer on a Mac Computer Where the IP address is required, use the Printer Address of the printer from the table.
    2. Windows: Log off and log in your computer, the printer will be automatically installed during the logon process.  If the printer is not shown, follow  Add a Printer on a Windows Computer.
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