Oren Gross

International Law Concentration

Program Highlights

  • Wide variety of core and specialized courses and seminars on topics such as international law, international trade law, international business transactions, international human rights law and litigation, international tax law, laws of war, immigration law, international criminal law and international environmental law
  • One-to-one independent research and writing project opportunities with faculty
  • Opportunities to work on cutting-edge international law issues
  • Networking and career advancement opportunities with alumni worldwide

Study Opportunities

  • Required courses: international law and at least two of the following: international business transactions, international criminal law, international environmental law, international human rights law, international trade law, and laws of war.
  • Electives to meet 18-credit requirement: students choose from a wide range of courses and seminars available at the Law School or extensive international law offerings through the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the political science department in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • J.D. students also can earn a joint degree in another relevant discipline.
  • Second- and third-year J.D. students are eligible to study abroad for a semester at ten foreign schools.

Practical Opportunities

  • Participation in International Law Moot Court team and writing for one of the University of Minnesota Law Journals, including the Minnesota Journal of International Law
  • Clinics such as Human Rights Litigation & International Legal Advocacy and Immigration & Human Rights Law as well as courses on climate change and environmental and energy justice offer students opportunities to learn, acquire and master hands-on skills.

Employment Opportunities

  • The vibrant Twin Cities international legal communities offer students opportunities for part-time work during the school year and full-time summer employment with governmental agencies, law firms, legal departments at corporations and utilities, and nonprofit human rights and non-governmental organizations with an international focus.
  • Prospective employers from around the country come to the Law School to interview students for summer and permanent positions, and the Career Center provides regular notice of employment opportunities, fellowships, and other scholarly opportunities.

Student-Led Opportunities

International Law Society: invites practicing lawyers to speak to students and networking and practice opportunities in the community.