Class of 2019

LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Al Saey
Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Al Saey

Mr. Al Saey is a graduate with distinction of the Dubai Police Academy where he ranked third in his class. He was Director of the Legal Affairs Department in Qatar’s Ministry of the Interior where he led a team of more than 55 employees. He plans to pursue a career in foreign affairs and diplomacy once he graduates.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Marwa Awara
Ms. Marwa Awara

Ms. Awara has a bachelor’s degree in law from Cairo University in Egypt. She practiced family law in Egypt for five years as an advocate for vulnerable women and families. She has spent several years in America working in a variety of areas and plans to return to the practice of law upon graduation.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Yilhwa Baek
Ms. Yilhwa Baek

Ms. Baek graduated from Pusan National University with a law degree. She is the former Assistant Director for the Seoul metropolitan Office of Education. She also volunteered with Voice of Women and was an interpreter for the 2002 World Cup.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Zahra Bahmani
Ms. Zahra Bahmani

Ms. Bahmani graduated from Urmia University with a degree in English language and literature and from the University of Tehran with a degree in international law. For the last two years she was a legal counselor for a law firm in Urmia. She has worked as a translator in private language schools and institutions.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Rushna Burney
Ms. Rushna Burney

Ms. Burney graduated from the University of London International Programmes – Themis School of Law. There she was the only student in her class to achieve first-class honors in contract law. She has substantial experiences in humanitarian non-profit organizations in Pakistan.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Ruoyin Chen
Ms. Ruoyin Chen

Ms. Chen graduated from the China University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor of Law. She is interested in the intersection between law and economics. She was an intern at King & Wood Mallesons, one of the top five law firms in China.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Szu-Miao Chen
Ms. Szu-Miao Chen

Ms. Chen graduated with a degree in financial and economic law from Fu Jen Catholic University. She wants to increase her abilities in international law systems. Ms. Chen worked in the international legal department of Wistron Corporation, a global leader in technology. She wants to build her skills to one day work as legal head in a multinational company.
LLM 2019 Class Enrique Clemente Lorente
Mr. Enrique Clemente Lorente

Mr. Clemente Lorente earned both an undergraduate and master's degree from ESADE in Barcelona. He spent a semester as an exchange student at Minnesota Law and earned an LLM at City University of London Law School. Professionally, he has spent several years working in tax law as a policy analyst and tax executive in UK law firms and investment management associations.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Ahmed Dabash
Dr. Ahmed Dabash

Mr. Dabash graduated from Cairo University in Giza with high honors and a PhD in Islamic Law. In the fall of 2016, he traveled as part of an Egyptian delegation to observe the US’s democracy and inclusiveness. He wants to continue his studies in comparative law, human rights, and bioethics at the University of Minnesota and integrate his studies in western academia to his teaching and research in Egypt. He is currently a Fulbright scholar.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Kathye Dawe
Ms. Kathya Dawe

Ms. Dawe has earned both a law degree and a master's in Social Sciences and Anthropology. She worked as a criminal defense attorney for several years in Marilia, Brazil. She also has extensive international experiences including working in the Trial Chamber at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia regarding the Mladic case. In the US, she interned for a US congressperson and was previously a Fulbright Humphrey Fellow.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Davaanyam Demberel
Mr. Davaanyam Demberel

Mr. Demberel has considerable experience in Mongolian law. He studied law at Shihihutug University in 2011. After graduation, he worked as a legal advisor for a state-owned company from 2012-2016. He wants to use his legal training to protect his native country from abuse as its economy develops and some foreign investors take advantage of its developing status.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Enes Demirel
Mr. Enes Demirel

Mr. Demirel graduated from Fatih Universitesi summa cum laude with a degree in law. He was selected among 600 candidates to complete a master’s degree in law at Marmara University, where he researched the verdicts of the European Court of Human rights and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. He also assisted in preparing opinions regarding the trials, including violations of human rights.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Yuxuan Diao
Ms. Yuxuan Diao

Ms. Diao studied law at the Shandong University Law School, one of the top law schools in China. Her focus of study was on private international law. She worked as a teaching assistant and would like to continue her research interest for graduate study.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Inseok Jeong
Mr. Inseok Jeong

Mr. Jeong is driven to make a more peaceful world through the law. He has served military duty as an Air Force Lieutenant for the republic of Korea. He as also worked with the non-profit Youth CLIP to help Korean students understand international issues.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Lana Khader
Ms. Lana Khader

Ms. Khader is a Fulbright Foreign Student Program Scholar. She has a degree in law from Birzeit University. She has served as a volunteer for the Sawa organization for women and children protection, has been a trainee lawyer, as well as a teaching and research assistant. She is motivated to study international law to strengthen systems of protection in her home country.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Sujin Kim
Ms. Sujin Kim

Ms. Kim studied law at Dongguk University. She worked for the Korea Electric Power Corporation for over two years. She hopes that through her studies, she can compare the Korean and U.S. constitutions and learn how modern human rights-related laws can be applied and developed to existing Korean laws. She would like to be an international human rights lawyer.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Ludmila Larson
Ms. Ludmila Larson

Ms. Larson studied criminal justice at the Universidade Candido Mendes and law at the Universidade Veiga de Almedia. She was a solo practitioner in Brazil for several years after working for Marcos Barros Espinola Associate Lawyers. She served mostly as a specialized military lawyer and hopes learning from the American perspective will help her in her process.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Alexandre Le Nepveu
Mr. Alexandre Le Nepveu

Mr. Le Nepveu has a master’s degree in Business & Tax Law from the University of Lyon III. During his studies he looked at the common law system. He would like to sharpen his knowledge in this area to increase his understanding of international business law.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Hang Li
Ms. Hang Li

Ms. Li has a master’s of civil and commercial law from ECUPL. She seeks more insight into the US legal system and US law practice to better align with the clients she serves, specifically the differences in cultures and legal structures between China and the US. She is interested in business law.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Xinhui Li
Ms. Xinhui Li

Ms. Li graduated from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics with two degrees in law and economics. She was an assistant lawyer to the Deheng Law Offices in Beijing after graduation. She is interested in business law and its intersection with other areas of society.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Bohan Liu
Ms. Bohan Liu

Ms. Liu graduated from the China University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor’s of Law. She was a legal intern for the Jingh Law Firm and the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. She is interested in learning more about the common law system in the United States and apply her skills to an international law firm.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Xinyi Liu
Ms. Xinyi Liu

Ms. Liu graduated from Hunan University of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Law. In law school, she was very involved in the Moot Court Competition of criminal law, where she led her team as the defendant in the case. She is eager to learn more about the US legal system.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Yen-Tseng Lu
Ms. Yen-Tseng Lu

Ms. Lu graduated from National Taiwan University with a Master of Law. For the last several years, she was a legal specialist for the Min-Chang Clinic. Before that, she was a research and teaching assistant exploring areas regarding public international law and the law of the sea. She intends to eventually earn a Ph.D. in Public International law to positively impact her own country.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Pimpichar Nuansai
Ms. Pimpichar Nuansai

Ms. Nuansai graduated from Chulalongkorn Mahawitthayalai with a bachelor of law. She has interned in the Udon Thani Provincial Court and worked as an attorney at the Interleck & Biz Counsellor. She seeks to learn more about American law.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Jiawei Pan
Ms. Jiawei Pan

Ms. Pan earned a law degree at Soochow University and a bachelor’s of economics from Ming Chuan University where she had a Scholarship for Academic Excellence. She is interested in studying immigration law and putting her legal knowledge to practice among the many non-profits and governmental agencies in the Twin Cities.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Elise Ramirez
Ms. Elise Ramirez

Ms. Ramirez earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law at University of Lyon III, graduating with honors, and has completed a master’s program. She has completed several internships at business law firms in Lyon. She is completing the LL.M. degree in Minnesota to add an international dimension to her education and experience.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Silvie Rohr
Ms. Silvie Rohr

After completing her law degree at Humboldt University, Ms. Rohr began working at KPMG Law as a scientific researcher. She spent time working with a non-governmental organization in Kenya assisting victims of human trafficking and domestic violence and was very active in student organizations during her undergraduate career.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Chin-Yuan Sun
Ms. Chin-Yuan Sun

Ms. Sun earned her law degree from Soochow University. During her studies, she interned at Prosper International Attorneys-at-law and the Securities & Futures Investors Center. She is motivated to study law to improve the Taiwanese trade policies and help Taiwanese enterprises navigate the risks in a developing market.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Mengzhi Sun
Ms. Mengzhi Sun

Ms. Sun earned her law degree focusing on international law from the East China University of Political Science and Law. She graduated in the top 10% of her class and then worked as a legal intern for Sina Shanghai Management Company. She wants to learn more about the common law structure in the United States.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Jiunho Tang
Mr. Jiunho Tang

Mr. Tang earned his law degree from Soochow University where he was educated in both common and civil law. During his studies he joined the Fundamental Legal Education Services which taught elementary school students basic legal principles using games and dramas. After graduating he worked with the Taiwan Army as a Second Lieutenant.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Anayo Umeh
Mr. Anayo Umeh

Mr. Umeh earned a law degree from the Council of Legal Education - Nigerian Law School. He worked as an associate of Tom George and Akinniranye Law Firm as well as a compliance officer for the Corporate Affairs Commission. As an undergraduate, he participated in a family and child law clinic where he sharpened his skills in child advocacy, abduction and domestic violence. He plans to build his skills as a family law attorney and become a professor of family law where he can help develop workable juvenile and gender policy models in Nigeria.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Broktawit Wubeshet
Ms. Broktawit Wubeshet

Ms. Wubeshet earned a Master of Laws at Uppsala University and was previously an exchange student at the University of Minnesota Law School. She was an immigration lawyer for the Swedish Government Immigration Board as well as an intern for Global Rights for Women, an organization she worked with while completing her master’s thesis. She is pursuing an LL.M. with a Human Rights concentration.
LLM Class of 2019 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav

Mr. Yadav earned his law degree from the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University. He has extensive experience working with the Punjab State Human Rights Commission and under advocate for K.K.Manan in New Delhi.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Malvika Yadav
Ms. Malvika Yadav

Ms. Yadav graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the National Law Institute University. She interned with Crawford Bayley and Company and the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission. She was an associate at Trilegal, a tier-one law firm in India where she was involved in research, drafting, and structuring for international clients. She represented her university at the Summer Institute of University of Washington. She completed a dissertation on the dissatisfaction of business professionals and foreign investors.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Junya Zeng
Ms. Junya Zeng

Ms. Zeng graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University. She has worked in the sub-district Office of Beijing Government and Beijing Fuzheng Law Firm as an Assistant lawyer. She wants to fight for human rights and equal treatment of members of the LGBT community and AIDS patients.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Xiaoke Zeng
Ms. Xiaoke Zeng

Ms. Zeng graduated from the Guizhou University College of Law with a bachelor’s of law receiving several honors for academic achievement. She started her legal career at the W&H Law Firm focusing on civil lawsuits. She plans to study and research Human Rights law and use her understanding to invest in her country.
LLM Class of 2019 Ms. Tongrong Zhu
Ms. Tongrong Zhu

Ms. Zhu earned her law degree from the East China University of Science and Technology where she won the second prize in the annual thesis competition and second place in the school’s debate competition. She has interned at the Shenwan Honyuan Securities and Dentons Shanghai. She is pursuing an LLM to learn from advanced legal theory and practice in the hope of gaining international perspectives to solve practical legal programs in China.