Class of 2023

Akuyo Agbenyega

Ms. Akuyo Agbenyega

Ms. Agbenyega received her Bachelor of Laws from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and her Qualifying Certificate from the Ghana School of Law. Ms. Agbenyega is chiefly interested in women’s rights, health law and bioethics, and has most recently worked as a Junior Associate with De Medeiros & Associates.

Heloise Battistini

Ms. Héloïse Battistini

Ms. Battistini is working on her Master’s of Law at Lyon 3 Jean Moulin, France, and earned her Bachelor’s of Law at the European School of Law and Queens University in Belfast. Ms. Battistini currently works with the law firm Abitbol & Rousselet in Paris, and is chiefly interested in common law legal systems and international restructuring of businesses. 

Anil Cetinkaya

Mr. Anil Cetinkaya

Mr. Cetinkaya earned his Bachelor of Laws from Fatih Sultan Mehmet University in Istanbul, Turkey. An accomplished linguist, Mr. Cetinkaya has worked with Netflix, Red Bull TV, HBO Max, and Xbox in translating English text to Turkish, and is principally interested in intellectual property law.

Landing Dahaba

Mr. Landing Dahaba
The Gambia/USA

Mr. Dahaba studied law at the University of the Gambia and earned his first LL.M. degree at the University of Wisconsin. He is passionate about human rights, and is particularly interested in advocating for laws and policies that advance disability rights around the world.

Samkelo Dlamini

Mr. Samkelo Dlamini

Mr. Dlamini is a Fulbright Scholar and received his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Swaziland. A member of the Law Society of Eswatini and the South Africa Compliance Institute, Mr. Dlamini most recently served as a legal officer with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Swaziland. Mr. Dlamini is interested in pursuing banking and finance law to help alleviate poverty in Eswatini.

Mohammad Hassan

Mr. Mohammad Hassan

Mr. Hassan received his Bachelor of Laws with honors from the University of London, where he was a participant in the prestigious Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Mr. Hassan has a firm commitment to human rights, and has recently worked with the Door of Awareness Foundation and Sherazi Law Associates & Counselors at Law.

Stephanie Hwang

Ms. Stephanie Hwang

Ms. Hwang received her Bachelor of Laws from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. Ms. Hwang has worked as a litigation associate at Sun, Tian-Ci Law Firm, and has garnered substantial experience in corporate compliance, working as a compliance associate at Taiming Assurance Broker and Nan Shan Life Insurance.

Nico Kast

Mr. Nico Kast

Mr. Kast is studying at Humboldt University, Berlin, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws. Mr. Kast has worked with Blomstein law firm, focusing on providing regulatory legal services to international clients, and is chiefly interested in antitrust law.

Ze Wen Lim

Ms. Ze Wen Lim

Ms. Lim attended Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, where she earned her Bachelor of Laws. Ms. Lim is principally interested in environmental law, which has seen her volunteer with NGO’s committed to fighting climate change, and to work with companies such as Tigermed Pharmaceuticals overseeing their corporate social responsibility and compliance.

Yang-bai Lin

Ms. Yang-bai Lin

Ms. Lin is a graduate of both National Taipei University and Tunghai University, where she earned her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws respectively. Ms. Lin has developed a particular interest in trusts and trust law, and has most recently served as an attorney and manager at Mega International Bank in Taipei. 

Laddawan Loungard

Ms. Laddawan Loungard

Ms. Loungard is a graduate of Ramkhamhaeng University and Thammasat University in Thailand, where she earned her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws, respectively. Ms. Loungard currently serves as Vice Presiding Judge of Lom Sak Provincial Court, and aims to push for greater substantive and procedural environmental protections in Thailand.

Feifan Luo

Mr. Feifan Luo

Mr. Luo attended Zhejiang University City College where he received his Bachelor of Laws. Mr. Luo is interested in U.S. bankruptcy law, and has published on perfecting the individual credit system and integrating civil and commercial law. Prior to serving as legal counsel for the Shanghai branch of Chaozhou Bank, Mr. Luo worked at Zhejiang L&H Law Firm.

Shaghek Manjikian

Ms. Shaghek Manjikian
Ms. Manjikian is a Fulbright Scholar, and received her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Aleppo and her master’s in law from the American University of Armenia. Personal experience has led Ms. Manjikian to publish extensively on the civil war in Syria, and she maintains a deep commitment and interest in education and dispute resolution.

Hugo Mcelligot

Mr. Hugo McElligott

Mr. McElligott is earning his Bachelor of Laws at the University College Dublin School of Law, and was a finalist in the prestigious McCann Fitzgerald Junior Negotiation Competition. A proficient orator, Mr. McElligott was also a semi-finalists in the Munster Secondary School Debating Competition.

Ting Meng

Ms. Ting Meng

Ms. Meng received her Juris Master’s from East China University of Political Science and Law, and a bachelor’s degree in international trade and economics from Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Ms. Meng served as in-house counsel for Geely Automobile, a leading manufacturer of vehicles in China, and most recently as in-house counsel for the Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games. 

Ian Musinguzi

Mr. Ian Musinguzi

Mr. Musinguzi attended Makerere University for law school, after which he was a recipient of a Pro Bono award. For several years, he managed his own law firm in Uganda, handling land disputes for clients. He is passionate about immigration law and hopes to work for the American government.

Peace Ojo

Ms. Peace Ojo

Ms. Ojo earned her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Lagos in Nigeria, where she was a member of the Faculty Senate. Principally interested in intellectual property law, Ms. Ojo recently served as a legal consultant for Alabama Consulting Limited, advising businesses of their regulatory obligations under Nigerian law.

Maureen Orihuel

Ms. Maureen Orihuel

Ms. Orihuel attended Jean Moulin University, France, where she received a Bachelor of Laws and a master’s in international organizations law. With a passion for human rights law, Ms. Orihuel has worked with the United Nations committee on children’s rights as part of her work with NGOs specializing in child welfare.  

Furkan Ozkundakci

Mr. Furkan Ozkundakci

Mr. Ozkundakci received his Bachelor of Laws from Istanbul University where he served as chairman of the Debate Society. An accomplished orator, Mr. Ozkundakci is principally interested in labor and employment law, and has most recently worked with Gedikoglu Law Firm in Turkey.

Auraprang Pornpermpoon

Ms. Auraprang Pornpermpoon

Ms. Pornpermpoon graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Pornpermpoon has worked as a legal consultant and court interpreter, and is interested in criminal justice issues, particularly those related to the protection of child rights.

Katja Schickl

Ms. Katja Schickl

Ms. Schickl specialized in Intellectual Property Law at Humboldt University Berlin and earned her first state examination. Afterwards, she worked as a legal research assistant in a law firm in the practice group telecommunication, media and technology. During her two-year legal traineeship, she served with a civil judge, a prosecutor of juvenile justice, and worked in the German Federal Foreign Office. She earned her second state examination in 2022.

Anzario Serrant

Mr. Anzario Bernard Serrant

Mr. Serrant is earning his Bachelor of Laws at Tilburg University, Netherlands, and he received his Bachelor of Arts in political science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Mr. Serrant currently assists the Department of Public Law and Governance at Tilburg University, and recently interned with the Windward Islands Bank in St. Martin.

Abby Shem

Ms. Abby Shem

Ms. Shem earned her Bachelor of Laws from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and received her qualifying certificate from the Kenya School of Law. She is also a certified professional mediator. Most recently serving as a Junior Associate at Barongo Ombasa and Company Advocates, Ms. Shem’s main interest is in business law and ADR. 

Steve Varghese

Mr. Steve Varghese

Mr. Varghese is earning his Bachelor’s of Law at the University College Dublin, and is primarily interested in business law. Mr. Varghese has worked as a legal office assistant at William Egan and Solicitors, but also works as a trained professional healthcare worker at Nua Healthcare.

Julie Vivier

Ms. Julie Vivier
New Caledonia

Ms. Vivier is pursuing a Master’s of Law at the university of Lyon, III, where she also graduated valedictorian with a Bachelor’s of Law. Ms. Vivier has worked with the Government of New Caledonia in the Regional Cooperation and External Relations Department, and served as a representative for the European Law Students Association at the United Nations 59th Session of the Commission for Social Development.

Zohreh Zakiani

Ms. Zohreh Zakiani

Ms. Zakiani received her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws in public international law from Shahid Beheshti University in Iran, where she served as the Chief Editor of SepideDam, a student magazine focused on cultural and political issues. Ms. Zakiani has published articles ranging from comparative studies on the law of trade secrets, to the global achievement differences in gender equality under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Xin Zheng

Ms. Xin Zheng

Ms. Zheng graduated in the top 5% of her class from Zhejiang University City College with a Bachelor of Laws, and earned her Master of Laws from the University of Sydney. Ms. Zheng has served as a judge’s assistant at Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, and most recently worked as a paralegal at T&C Law Firm, one of the earliest partnership law firms in China.

Haixiao Zhou

Mr. Haixiao Zhou

Mr. Zhou attended Shanghai Normal University where he earned his Bachelor of Laws. Mr. Zhou is interested in human rights law, and has worked with Dentons in their Wuhan office, and most recently with Katten Muchin Rosenman in Shanghai.

Semester Exchange Students

Simon Bekele

Mr. Simon Bekele

Mr. Bekele is studying his Bachelor of Laws at Hamburg University. Mr. Bekele founded his high school debate club, and has interned with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP in their Frankfurt office. Mr. Bekele was also an accomplished basketball player, participating in Germany’s highest under-16 basketball league.

Francesco Distefano

Mr. Francesco Distefano

Mr. Distefano is studying at Bocconi University, Milan, where he is pursuing an Integrated Master of Arts in Law. Mr. Distefano is interested in commercial international law, and was a member of team Italy for the Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition, a yearly competition held between EU member states on international labor law.

Adriana Fernandez Torner

Ms. Adriana Fernández Torner

Ms. Torner is pursuing a double degree in business administration and law at ESADE Business & Law School, Barcelona. Ms. Torner has recently served as an analyst at Endurance Equity Partners, a private equity firm based in Spain.

Markus Forkman

Mr. Markus Forkman

Mr. Forkman is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Uppsala University with a concentration in business administration. Mr. Forkman has served as an analyst at Swedbank.

Alexandru-Octavian Goga

Mr. Alexandru-Octavian Goga

Mr. Goga is pursuing his Bachelor of Laws at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where he is specializing in business and administrative law. Mr. Goga interned with Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii law firm and aims to become a corporate lawyer after graduation.

Philipp Heussel

Mr. Philipp Heussel

Mr. Heussel is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, and was awarded best respondent submission at the 2020 Move Moot Court Competition. Mr. Heussel has worked as a data privacy consultant, and is primarily interested in intellectual property and technology law.

Mikaela Johansen-Moen

Ms. Mikaela Johansen-Moen

Ms. Johansen-Moen is a law student at Uppsala University where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Laws. Ms. Johansen-Moen has served as a legal advisor providing advice on tenancy, housing and contract law, and has recently worked as a claims insurance handler with skadeförsäkring in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Elizabeth Keher

Ms. Elizabeth Keher

Ms. Keher is earning her Bachelor of Laws with Politics from University College Dublin. Ms. Keher is interested in comparative international law, particularly the study of U.S. to Irish law, and in her spare time she coaches Camogie, an Irish field game similar in style to Lacrosse.

Amina Nabhan

Ms. Amina Nabhan

Ms. Nabhan is completing her Bachelor’s of Law in Global Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and is interested in human and animal rights law, as well as topics in international law and corporate law. Ms. Nabhan speaks multiple languages and currently works as a French tutor.

Esther Orradre Cuadrado

Ms. Esther Orradre Cuadrado

Ms. Orradre Cuadrado is pursuing her Bachelor of Laws at ESADE Business & Law School in Barcelona and has a license of specialization in food and pharmaceutical law. Ms. Orradre Cuadrado is chiefly interested in International Trade Law, and is a member of the Thomistic Institute Association at ESADE.

Eleonora Pertegato

Ms. Eleonora Pertegato

Ms. Pertegato is studying her Bachelor of Laws at Bocconi University, Milan, and is chiefly interested in human rights law. Ms Pertegato has interned with F. Acierno law firm in Pordenone, Italy, and founded Lit Empire, a business selling customized shoelaces.

Oscar Ruden

Mr. Oscar Rudén

Mr. Rudén is studying at Uppsala University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws, and is mainly interested in tax and finance law. Mr. Rudén served as a regional manager for Lawline, and has recently interned with the Swedish Internal Revenue Service.

Simon Skog Sand

Mr. Simon Skog Sand

Mr. Skog Sand is earning a Master’s of Law at Uppsala University and is chiefly interested in litigation and conflict resolution. Mr. Skog Sand has recently worked as a summer associate at Schjødt Law Firm and served as a secretary to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen in Stockholm.

Lou Toellner

Ms. Lou Franka Töllner

Ms. Töllner is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, and is primarily interested in environmental law. Ms. Töllner produced research in the areas of public and international law, and aims to use her legal training to combat climate change.

Maria Vidal Martinez

Ms. Maria Vidal i Martínez

Ms. Martínez is pursuing a double degree in Law and Global Governance, and Economics and Legal Order at ESADE Business and Law School, Barcelona. Ms. Martínez served as the Councilor of International Cooperation, Citizen Participation and Communication at the Municipal Government of Torrelles de Llobregat, and has recently iterned with the delegation of the United Nations in Spain.

Matilda Westman

Ms. Matilda Westman

Ms. Westman is earning her Bachelor of Laws at Uppsala University and aims to become a prosecutor after graduation.