Class of 2020 - M.S. in Patent Law

Dr. Evan F. Bollig, MSPL 2020

Dr. Evan F. Bollig
Education: Ph.D. Scientific Computing – Florida State University
M.S. Scientific Computing – Florida State University
B.A. German Studies – University of Minnesota
B.S. Computer Science – University of Minnesota, 2006
Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI

The Patent Law program fascinates me as an opportunity to develop my legal acumen, strengthen my ability to effectively argue the intricacies of ideas, and boost my ability to manage a wide variety of technological innovation. I expect that every course within the Patent Law program will directly influence my role at the University of Minnesota and the services offered to researchers. Furthermore, with both a Ph.D. and M.S. in Patent Law on hand, I expect to retain tremendous marketability for positions in the future; especially with the top-spending R&D companies in the world, or the law firms representing them.

Messac Che Neba, MSPL 2020
Messac Che Neba
Education: M.S. Biological Science – Sheffield Hallam University
B.S. Microbiology – University of Buea
KyuHyuk Kim, MSPL 2020

KyuHyuk Kim
Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Hometown: Gimpo, South Korea

Technology is a core element of what drives the world, becoming more and more important than before. I chose M.S.P.L. to train myself as a strong candidate to be a part in that process, not as an engineer but on the legal side. In the future I hope to work as a patent practitioner who can work internationally with the PCT contracting parties in Asia.

Ngoc Lee, MSPL 2020

Ngoc Lee
Education: M.S. Chemistry - University of Minnesota
B.A. Biochemistry - University of Mississippi
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I'm excited to join the M.S.P.L. program and learn how patent law can bring technology, law, and business together to solve important questions. In the future, I hope to work as a patent agent to help clients build strong protection for their intellectual property.

Alysha Rameshk, MSPL 2020
Alysha Rameshk
Education: B.S. Neurobiology – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

I chose the M.S. in Patent Law for the University of Minnesota's renowned intellectual property curriculum. I am interested in becoming a patent agent.
Jackson Satterlee, MSPL 2020

Jackson Satterlee
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Minnesota
Hometown: Naperville, IL

I chose the M.S. in Patent Law program because I have always been interested in cutting-edge technology and new developments, and patent law naturally deals with these subjects. I hope to become a patent agent because it will allow me to use my technical skills in a new and exciting field.

Justin Schwechter, MSPL 2020

Justin Schwechter
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Minnesota
B.S. Physics – North Central College
Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

As a Mechanical Engineer, I have always held a curiosity about how things work and how to make them better. I am pursuing an M.S. in Patent Law to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. I intend to be a part of building the future, and believe my skills will help in facilitating technological growth.

Erik Sundberg, MSPL 2020
Erik Sundberg
Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering – University of Minnesota
Hometown: Arden Hills, MN

I have always had an interest in the law field and a curiosity for learning about new inventions. After earning my Electrical Engineering degree, the M.S.P.L. program was a logical choice that combined my passions. I hope to work as a Patent Agent or Patent Examiner.