Class of 2019 - M.S. in Patent Law

Sara Alzahlaf, MSPL 2019

Sara Alzahlaf
Education: B.S. Civil Engineering – Applied Science Private University Amman, Jordan
Hometown: Amman, Jordan

I believe science is the core and heart of every nation’s growth and that patent law is the solid shell securing the nation’s growth path. I seek the opportunity of becoming a vital member in the patent law community, practicing and supporting scientific research and innovation.

Aman Anand, MSPL 2019

Aman Anand
Education: B.S. Plant Sciences – Banaras Hindu University
M.S. Plant Sciences – North Dakota State University
Hometown: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

The zeal of acquainting myself with new developments in the field of Patent Law led me to choose M.S. in Patent Law. With a good foundation from my graduate studies and more than seven years of working experience at CHS Inc. in Agronomy, Product Development, and Data Analytics, I chose to enhance my knowledge base in Intellectual Property Management. My future goal is to manage the intangible assets of a company through the application of innovative IP strategies.

Dr. Elias Ayana, MSPL 2019

Dr. Elias Ayana
Education: B.S. M.S. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and M.S. MOT – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Hometown: Blaine, MN

Dr. Ayana is an Engineering Manager at Cummins and leads the Invention Review Committee for Cummins Power Systems. He has passion in building highly effective and innovative teams through the use of adaptive Technology and IP Management principles.

Dr. Sudheer Chava, MSPL 2019

Dr. Sudheer Chava
Education: B.SC. Chemistry – Sri Sathya Sai University, India
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry – Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Hometown: Khammam, India

My interest to work in multiple technology areas and gain a broader perspective of science led me to choose Patent Law. I would like to work as a Technology Specialist or Patent Agent.

Dr. Angela R. Eder, MSPL 2019

Dr. Angela R. Eder
Education: Ph.D. (Bio)Analytical Chemistry – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
B.S. Chemistry – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

I’m excited to complete my MSPL and formalize my knowledge of Intellectual Property Law, to protect client and/or employer assets through a career as a Patent Agent or Technology Specialist.

Dr. Bahareh Elahian, MSPL 2019

Dr. Bahareh Elahian
Education: Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering – University of Memphis
M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering – Laval University
M.S. Telecommunication Engineering – Polytechnic University of Tehran
B.A. Electrical Engineering – University of Garmsar

Being in the engineering field and working on scientific papers, I came to know the process of filing a patent after an invention. Moving to Minneapolis, I realized that the Twin Cities are known for strong biomedical companies and I found myself interested in serving in patent law counsel for these companies.

Keaton Krueger, MSPL 2019

Keaton Krueger
Education: B.S. Biochemistry – Loyola University Chicago
Hometown: Juneau, AK

While working in [undergraduate] labs, I realized that I grew an appreciation for both the business/legal side of them and the application of techniques/technologies to the real world. This, along with my extracurriculars, drew my attention to patent law. I believe that it is a great way to bridge together the multiple areas I am interested in. I have the long-term goal of eventually becoming a patent litigation attorney and would like to continue studying to receive my J.D. after receiving my M.S. in Patent Law.

Malcolm Link, MSPL 2019

Malcolm Link
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Minnesota-Duluth
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

I have had a great interest in technology since I was a young child which lead me into patent law and the MSPL program at the University of Minnesota. I hope to work as a patent agent.

Liam O’Donnell, MSPL 2019

Liam O’Donnell
Education: B.S. Biochemistry, minor in Biology – Christian Brothers University
Hometown: Memphis, TN

I chose the M.S. in Patent Law for the University of Minnesota’s renowned intellectual property curriculum. I intend to take my experience in biochemistry, computational chemistry, and law to provide valuable legal service to inventors.

Dr. Susan Prattis, MSPL 2019

Dr. Susan Prattis
Education: V.MD. Veterinary Medicine – University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D Experimental Pathology and Cell Biology – North Carolina State University
MS Nonprofit Management – Bay Path University
B.A: BioPsychology – Amherst College
Hometown: Greater Des Moines, IA

As a active veterinary clinician - scientist I have enjoyed studying the law, and applying legal concepts to the interrelation of medicine, science and business supporting strategic innovation. At the completion of this program I plan to expand my career to include employment in patent law and intellectual property management, supporting clients in the Upper Midwest and beyond.

Sydney Smutzler, MSPL 2019

Sydney Smutzler
Education: B.A. Biology, Society, Environment – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Hometown: Dickinson, ND

I have always been interested in law but I have a background in science. The MSPL program allows me to use my science background in the field of law. For me, it's the best of both worlds. My career aspiration is to become a patent examiner.

Joey Tombers, MSPL 2019

Joey Tombers
Education: B.S. Biomedical Engineering – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Hometown: East Bethel, MN

I chose Patent Law because of the relation to biomedical engineering. I am interested in the legal side of how devices come to be. This interest came to be from my senior design project and working with patenting the device we created. I am interested in serving in patent law counsel for local biomedical companies.

Candice Yager, MSPL 2019

Candice Yager
Education: B.S. Biology – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

I chose the M.S. in Patent Law for the University of Minnesota’s renowned intellectual property curriculum. I intend to take my experience in biochemistry, computational chemistry, and law to provide valuable legal service to inventors.