Class of 2022 - M.S. in Patent Law

Yujie Cheng, MSPL 2021
Yujie Cheng
Education: Material Science and Engineering, Ph.D, Virginia Tech
Hometown: Shaanxi, China

I want to be a patent agent.
Isha Dahal, MSPL 2022
Isha Dahal
Education: B.S. Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
Hometown: Round Rock, TX

I want to take my love for science and law and make an impact.

Mary Hambou

Hao Li, MSPL 2022

Hao Li
M.S. Material Science and Engineering, Beihang University
HometownTianjin, China

As a patent attorney practiced in China for 8 years, It is a great experience to study in the MSPL program. I believe that the knowledge I am learning will be very helpful for my future career.

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Bethany C. Prudner
B.S. in Biology and Chemistry(Youngstown State University) Phd Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (Kent State University)
Hometown: Virginia Beach

A MSPL degree would compliment my Phd and help facilitate my career objectives within the Industry field. This will give me additional knowledge to identify important IP sources during the developmental track of a product. Not only scientifically how to make the product strong but IP strong as well.

Cori Shoultz, MSPL 2021
Cori Shoultz
B.S. Chemistry, Abilene Christian University
Hometown: Austin, TX

I chose the MSPL because it gives me career opportunities outside of chemistry research. I have always found the law interesting and this program will allow me to work with innovative people and utilize my chemistry background on the legal side of things as a patent agent.
Dr. Rohit Singh, MSPL 2021
Rohit Singh
 Ph.D. Organic Chemistry – University of New Orleans, M.S. Organic Chemistry – University of New Orleans, M.S. Physical Chemistry – Panjab University, B.S. Chemistry – Panjab University
Hometown: Chandigarh, India

Filing a patent from my research piqued my interest in patent law. With the rigorous training offered by the M.S.P.L. program, I would be well equipped to help bridge the gap between state-of-the-art technological innovations and their applications to the market.

Elizabeth Sullivan, MSPL 2021
Elizabeth Sullivan
B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Hometown: Lisle, IL

I worked as a R&D Engineer for four years and became interested in patent law while working on a new product patent filing with our legal team. I joined the MSPL program to learn about the intersection of innovation and law and to grow in my technical profession.

Patrick Watts, MSPL 2021
Patrick Watts
B.S. Biology, University of St. Thomas
HometownSt. Paul, MN

Patents are the compelling bridge between scientific innovation and law. I chose the MSPL program to gain knowledge in this field, and to be involved in protecting IP while also being engaged in state-of-the-art technology.