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LL.M. in Patent Law

An LL.M. in Patent Law prepares students with a J.D. from an American law school for numerous career opportunities in the booming area of patent law. This one-year program is aimed at students who possess a technical degree in addition to a J.D., though a technical degree is not required.

Inventors and companies use patents to bring new ideas to market and generate revenue. The Law School’s rich program combines traditional study of the complexity of patent law with project-based learning about business strategies and extensive practical hands-on training. We prepare you for a multitude of careers in patent-intensive industries, from medical technology to computer software.

When you finish, you will understand the science behind patents, the law that secures them, and the techniques to manage innovation and maximize the value of resulting patents. You also will create a portfolio of practice-based work, including drafting a patent application, drafting a licensing agreement, presenting a patent strategy and presenting opportunities for innovation.

Flexible Scheduling

Full-time students complete the program in one year. Part-time students may finish the requirements in as little as two years, or elect to take up to three years.

LL.M. in Patent Law Scholarships

Scholarships are available to LL.M. in Patent Law students. We are now accepting applications for consideration on a rolling basis with a priority deadline of January 1.

Engaging Classes

Your coursework includes:

  • Traditional law school classes
  • ​Workshops where you develop practical skills like problem-solving and drafting patents
  • Intensive training in writing skills necessary to succeed in patent law
  • Project-based capstone course where you complete a portfolio of your work to show employers
  • Proseminar to learn about the wide range of career opportunities in the fields of patent law, innovation management, and technology businesses.
  • Wide range of electives that allows you to tailor your curriculum to your goals.

World-Class Faculty and Students

Our internationally respected tenured law school professors and by successful patent practitioners who bring their experience to the classroom. The LL.M. in Patent Law draws from the Law School’s extensive program in Intellectual Property and Technology for J.D., International LL.M. and M.S.P.L. students.

Preparation & Concrete Results

By the time you complete the program, you’ll have a high-quality portfolio of your work to show prospective employers. The LL.M. in Patent Law curriculum prepares you to take the Patent Bar Exam. Your tuition includes an exam preparation class from a leading provider. 

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