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Legal Writing

To prepare students for professional careers, students are required to focus on legal writing throughout their three years of study. As students write and talk about the law, their understanding of the law develops. Correspondingly, as students' understanding of the law deepens, their ability to write and talk about it increases. Expanding both understanding and communications skills increases students' abilities to solve problems for clients in clinical settings.

Legal Writing Requirements

J.D. students are required to satisfactorily complete three legal writing requirements during Law School, two of which must take place during the first two years of Law School (see Scholastic Requirement Rule 5).

  • First Year: Legal Research and Writing
  • Second Year: Serve on a law journal or participate in moot court
  • Second or Third Year: Participate in moot court as a student director or competition team member, serve on a journal as an editor, or take an upper-level Law School writing course