LL.M. Curriculum & Requirements

Each LL.M. student selects courses based on his or her area of interest, developing an individual academic plan with the Director of International Programs. Students may focus on a specific area of law or the general practice of U.S. common law. The majority of classes are taken with J.D. students.

LL.M. students must successfully complete at least 24 credits over the academic year. There is no thesis requirement, but students must take one seminar course that is graded based on a substantial writing project. The LL.M. program begins in August and ends with a graduation ceremony in mid-May.

Introduction to American Law

This is a 2-credit required course. LL.M. students begin studies in August, a month before the first semester of law classes begins, with an intensive three-week Introduction to American Law course covering American civil and criminal procedure, constitutional law, basic legal research and writing skills, and other preparatory background.

LL.M.-Specific Course Offerings

Several courses and seminars are designed specifically to provide LL.M. students with the practical legal skills to become true global practitioners:

  1. Introduction to American Law
  2. LL.M. Judicial Observation (pairs foreign lawyers with local judges, providing an opportunity for students to experience the American legal system firsthand)
  3. LL.M. Legal Writing and Legal Skills

Mentorship Program

Each LL.M. student is paired with a second-year or third-year U.S. law student. Throughout the year, the mentor helps familiarize the LL.M. student with U.S. culture and the Law School and assists with networking opportunities.

LEAD Program

This intensive legal English and legal skills program was developed specifically for students entering the LL.M. Program at Minnesta Law School. The class is taught by Minnesota Law Professor Karen Lundquist who specialize in teaching professional English to non-native speakers of English. Learn more about the LEAD Program.

Optional Concentrations

LL.M. students may choose to earn one of 11 concentrations by completing 12–15 credits of concentration coursework:

The Business Law LL.M. Program

This rigorous program exposes students to a broad array of legal skills and knowledge crucial to the global practice of business law. The University of Minnesota Law School draws many adjunct professors from its thriving global business community, home to 16 Fortune 500 companies. Events organized by the Law School provide networking opportunities for Business Law LL.M. students to meet Law School alumni and other business law practitioners. Note: The Business Law LL.M. and the general LL.M. with a Business Law concentration are separate programs.

Business Law LL.M. students must successfully complete at least 24 credits in the academic year, and 17 of the credits must be business law courses.