Class of 2020

Allan Attali, LLM 2020
Mr. Allan Attali

Mr. Attali received his master’s degree in Business Law and Taxation from the University Jean Moulin Lyon III in France. He worked at several firms in corporate law and also co-founded the Law Clinic during his time at law school. He is interested in international corporate law, particularly mergers and acquisitions.
Yirong Bao, LLM 2020
Ms. Yirong Bao

Ms. Bao has a bachelor’s degree in law from Dalian University of Technology in China. In 2016, she participated in the Underground Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, and also provided pro bono law lectures to students in primary school. She is passionate about environmental law and hopes to practice commercial law.
Julia Berg, LLM 2020
Ms. Julia Berg

Ms. Berg has a master’s degree in law from the University of Bergen in Norway. During her time at school, she founded the legal department in Concerned Students Norway, an organization committed to engaging students with environmental issues. She hopes to tackle environmental issues on a global level.
Michael Cala, LLM 2020
Mr. Michal Cala

Mr. Cala is a graduate of Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici Law School, where he wrote his doctoral dissertation in Civil Law on consumer contracts. He also heads an international consulting company that serves the defense industry across Africa and the Middle East. He is interested in business law.
Enrique Clemente Lorente, LLM 2020
Mr. Enrique Clemente Lorente

Mr. Clemente Lorente earned both an undergraduate and master’s degree from ESADE in Barcelona. He spent a semester as an exchange student at Minnesota Law and earned an LLM at City University London Law School before returning to Minnesota Law for his second LLM degree. Professionally, he has spent several years working in tax law as a policy analyst and tax executive in UK law firms and investment management associations.
Alaa Elnakoury, LLM 2020
Mr. Alaa Elnakoury

Mr. Elnakoury studied law at Tanya University School of Law in Egypt. He worked as a corporate lawyer at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, and as legal counsel for a real estate company. With his background as a police officer and his passion for human rights, he is interested in both business law and public interest work.
Sondre Elvebakk, LLM 2020
Mr. Sondre Elvebakk

Mr. Elvebakk has a master’s degree in law from the University of Bergen. After interning at one of the largest firms in Norway, he became interested in both business law and technology law. He enjoys sports, having been a professional athlete and coaching teams.
Yi Feng, LLM 2020
Ms. Yi Feng

Ms. Feng is a graduate of Shanghai University of Political Science in Law. She clerked for a judge on the People’s Court of Futian, Shenzhen, and has interned at several law firms. She is particularly interested in international business and IP law, and aspires to write for journals to promote legislative and judicial reform.
Jonas Freese, LLM 2020
Mr. Jonas Freese

Mr. Freese attended law school at Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. In addition to several internships, he has published several articles and written extensively on legal policy. He aspires for a career in journalism, and hopes to gain knowledge on American constitutional law.
Yichen Gu, LLM 2020
Mr. Yichen Gu

Mr. Gu studied law at Shanghai Normal University. During this time, he interned at an IP firm and a mediation and litigation center, and also participated in academic conferences. He is especially interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution and commercial law.
An Guo, LLM 2020
Mr. An Guo

Mr. Guo completed his legal degree at Beijing University of Technology. He then worked at a law firm, assisting on international trade disputes. He is interested in learning more about the American judicial system and hopes to practice in international business.
Sihua He, LLM 2020
Ms. Sihua He

Ms. He earned her bachelor’s degree at Southwest Minzu University in Chengdu. Utilizing her background in animal science, she earned third place in the Life Science Entrepreneur Competition. She is interested in criminal law, especially for economic disputes.
Wanlin He, LLM 2020
Ms. Wanlin He

Ms. He has a bachelor’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She served as an editor of the HUST Law Journal Fanzi and volunteered for Teach for China, an organization dedicated to promoting educational equality. She is interested in learning more about the common law.
Tianren Hu, LLM 2020
Mr. Tianren Hu

Mr. Hu studied at Renmin University of China Law School. He was recognized for his outstanding student leadership and debate skills, and has completed research on public security crimes. As an aspiring legislator, he intends to learn about local economies and freedom of market in the United States.
Hannah Ibibo, LLM 2020
Ms. Hannah Ibibo

Ms. Ibibo is a graduate of Nigerian Law School, and an active member of the African Women Lawyers Association. Upon graduation, she joined a local corporate law firm where she drafted many transactional agreements and conducted arbitrations. She is extremely interested in the energy industry and environmental issues as they affect the global economy.
Seowoo Jang, LLM 2020
Ms. Seowoo Jang
South Korea

Ms. Jang received her bachelor’s degree from Kookmin University in Seoul. She worked for the American Law Research Institute and volunteered with Korea Youth Development to provide legal assistance to immigrant women. She is deeply interested in comparative law, particularly American law.
Yuqing Jin, LLM 2020
Ms. Yuqing Jin

Ms. Jin is a graduate of Beijing University of Technology, during which time she clerked for a judge in civil court and was elected into several school leadership positions. She is interested in mergers and acquisitions law and financial law.
Min Jae Jun, LLM 2020
Mr. Min Jae Jun
South Korea

Mr. Jun studied law at Yonsei University in Seoul, where he received honors. He clerked for the Supreme Court of Korea, served in the Ministry of National Defense as a Lawyer, and practiced for years in antitrust law at one of the largest firms in Korea. He is interested in corporate law and antitrust law.
Mubanga Kalimamukwento, LLM 2020
Ms. Mubanga Kalimamukwento

Ms. Kalimamukwento received her bachelor’s degree from Cavendish University in Zambia. As a practicing lawyer, she has significant experience in human rights advocacy, criminal law, and civil litigation. She is passionate about human rights and recently completed a fellowship at the University of Minnesota through the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program as a Fulbright Scholar.
Junghwan Kim, LLM 2020
Mr. Junghwan Kim
South Korea

Mr. Kim studied economics and business at Yonsei University, and then pursued legal education at Koabels American Law Research Institute in Seoul. He also managed an educational company that provided consulting services to students preparing to study abroad. He has a strong interest in prosecuting white collar crimes and hopes to learn more about corporate law.
Julie Kristiansen, LLM 2020
Ms. Julie Kristiansen

Ms. Kristiansen received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Ohio, and her master’s degree in law from the University of Bergen. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and consumer relations, and also interned for the district attorney in Norway. She is interested in learning more about American law, especially environmental and energy law.
Joinel Lammie, LLM 2020
Mr. Joinel Lammie

Mr. Lammie is a graduate of Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua, receiving a bachelor’s degree in law and political science. In addition to working at a law firm in Panama City, he authored a thesis on trust law and was editor of his school’s law review. He hopes to learn more about energy law and business law.
Jungkwon Lee, LLM 2020
Mr. Jongkwon Lee
South Korea

Mr. Lee attended SungKyunKwan University in Seoul for his bachelor’s in law. He has extensive managerial experience and specializes in marketing and sales strategy. He aspires to become an international transactional lawyer, specializing in finance and negotiations.
Beinan Li, LLM 2020
Ms. Beinan Li

Ms. Li graduated with degrees in both law and labor & social security from East China University of Political Science and Law. She worked as an associate at Dentons, Shanghai, and served as a judicial assistant in Puyang’s Intermediate People’s Court. She is interested in business law.
Shanshan Li, LLM 2020
Ms. Shanshan Li

Ms. Li received a dual degree in law from both Ocean University in China and the University of Arizona. She has interned as an assistant prosecutor in her hometown in China. She hopes to continue her legal study of American law and the common law system.
Siyuan Li, LLM 2020
Ms. Siyuan Li

Ms. Li studied at Northwest University of Political Science and Law, specializing in anti-terrorism law. She has interned for the Public Security Bureau and has published research on anti-terrorism efficacy. She is interested in Antitrust law and hopes to work at a boutique law firm specializing in international economics and trade.
Yimeng Liu, LLM 2020
Ms. Yimeng Liu

Ms. Liu received her dual law degrees from Ocean University of China and the University of Arizona, where she was recognized for outstanding academic performance. She has interned with a property insurance company and has led a social survey on the impact of China’s two-child policy on elementary school teachers. She is interested in business law and aspires to pursue a career in academia.
Ziye Meng, LLM 2020
Ms. Ziye Meng

Ms. Meng studied law at Shaanxi Normal University. In addition to writing a thesis on Chinese legal culture, she clerked for a judge in the People’s Primary Court. She is very interested in commercial law and international law.
Lucas Morel, LLM 2020
Mr. Lucas Morel

Mr. Morel has a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in Public International Law from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. During his exchange year at Stockholm University, he became passionate about international law. He is deeply committed to human rights and is a seasoned skier.
Zhenkai-Kevin Qi, LLM 2020

Mr. Zhenkai Qi

Mr. Qi graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law, with an emphasis on criminal justice. He has worked in-house at a housing management company, as well as at a private equity law firm. He is interested in bankruptcy law as it relates to both the United States and China.

Feda Rammouni, LLM 2020
Ms. Feda Rammouni

Ms. Rammouni earned her bachelor’s degree from Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine. She has worked with professors on women’s leadership training and workplace success development. She is passionate about business law and international law.
Pelin Sangu, LLM 2020
Ms. Pelin Sangu

Ms. Pelin is a graduate of Baskent University Law School, where she was involved in a number of student leadership positions. She worked at a law firm in London in immigration and human rights law. She hopes to learn more about American law in order to diversify her legal knowledge.
Yijun Shao, LLM 2020
Mr. Yijun Shao

Mr. Shao received his bachelor’s degree in law from East China University of Political Science and Law and his master’s degree in Civil and Commercial Law from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He worked as an assistant prosecutor in the Public Prosecution Office for several years. He is interested in criminal justice and promoting legal education reform in China.
Yizhou Shao, LLM 2020
Mr. Yizhou Shao

Mr. Shao studied law at Shanghai Jiaotong University, where he performed research on financial crimes and punishment. He has worked as a legal specialist at a supply chain management company, specializing in litigation and arbitration. He hopes to establish a small law firm one day.
Kamile Silevicute, LLM 2020
Ms. Kamile Sileviciute

Ms. Sileviciute has a bachelor’s degree in law from Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. Upon her arrival in the U.S. she participated in the English Language Learners Program at Minnesota State Community Technical College, where she also received an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. She is passionate about criminal law.
Jung Hoon Song, LLM 2020
Mr. Jung Hoon Song
South Korea

Mr. Song attended Yonsei University in Seoul for law school, where he presented a thesis on the legal principles related to illegal credit card usage. For several years, he worked in-house at one of the largest construction companies in South Korea, GS Engineering & Construction Corp. He is interested in international law and plans to return to GS.
Mehmet Turkoglu, LLM 2020
Mr. Mehmet Turkoglu

Mr. Turkoglu earned his legal degree at Istanbul University. After working for two years at a law firm, he became a research assistant at Suleyman Demirel University in the Public Law department, and then interned for The Advocates for Human Rights in Minneapolis. He is passionate about human rights and academia.
Andres Vargas, LLM 2020
Mr. Andres Vargas

Mr. Vargas studied law at Universidad de Chile. He worked as a legal advisor to bank clients and litigated civil cases relating to fraudulent banking documents. He is interested in family law and commercial law, and is a passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community.
Eline Vinje, LLM 2020
Ms. Eline Vinje

Ms. Vinje has attended the University of Oslo for a psychology program, and has a master’s degree in law from the University of Bergen. In addition to legal internships, she worked as an assistant at a nursing home. She is interested in business law.
Jiayu Wang, LLM 2020
Ms. Jiayu Wang

Ms. Wang studied law at Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School, where she won several awards for her non-law talent: singing. After law school, she became a civil lawyer at a large law firm in China. She is interested in international law and hopes to pursue a JD degree in the future.
Yanxin Wang, LLM 2020
Ms. Yanxin Wang

Ms. Wang has a bachelor’s degree in law from Central South University. During this time, she judged Model UN competitions, researched in IP law, and interned in both the Civil Law Court and a law firm. She is interested in both business law and alternative dispute resolution, and aspires to join a law office in Shanghai or work at an arbitration center.
Yu-Chen Wang, LLM 2020
Mr. Yu-Chen Wang

Mr. Wang earned his bachelor’s and master’s legal degrees from National Taipei University in Taiwan. He excelled in the Jessup International Moot Court Competition and received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. He is passionate about public interest law, and hopes to join the SJD program in the future.
Wensi Wu, LLM 2020
Ms. Wensi Wu

Ms. Wu has a bachelor’s degree in foreign studies from Hunan Normal University and a master’s degree in law from Guangdong University. She enjoys debating, and was recognized as a top debater in competitions. As an assistant lawyer at a large law firm, she is interested in international trade law.
Gengqi Xiao, LLM 2020
Mr. Gengqi Xiao

Mr. Xiao is a graduate of the Law School of Southwest Minzu University, where he published several papers on criminal law and was recognized as an excellent debater. He interned at two law firms and clerked at the Intermediate People’s Court. He is deeply interested in criminal law.
Yinping Xiao, LLM 2020
Ms. Yinping Xiao

Ms. Xiao attended Shandong University for her bachelor’s degree in law and English. She participated in moot court, researched juvenile crimes, and spent one semester as an exchange student in Norway. She is interested in contract law and bankruptcy law.
Chang Xu, LLM 2020
Ms. Chang Xu

Ms. Xu studied law at Minzu University of China, where she participated in moot court and researched real estate law. At her internships, she worked on both litigation and transactional matters, and also clerked for the People’s Court of Haidian District. She is very interested in international commercial law.
Fangzhu Yu, LLM 2020
Ms. Fangzhu Yu

Ms. Yu graduated with her bachelor's degree in law from Shandong University. In addition to teaching English to children in the mountainous regions of China, she interned at large law firm, and also won several running competitions. She is interested in international business law.
Xiuyi Yuan, LLM 2020
Ms. Xiuyi Yuan

Ms. Yuan earned her legal degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University, where she was recognized for her excellent academic performance. For several years, she worked as a lawyer at Dentons in China in the capital markets department. She plans to return to China and establish her own law firm.


Marte Amundsen

Marte Eide Amundsen
University of Bergen

Fall 2019

Giuseppe Angio, Exchange 2019-20

Giuseppe Angio
Bocconi University

Fall 2019

Shir Givati, Exchange 2019-20

Shir Givati
University College Dublin

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Rebecca Johnsson, Exchange 2019-20

Rebecca Johnsson
Uppsala University

Fall 2019

Camilla Maartmann, Exchange 2019-20

Camilla Maartmann
Uppsala University

Fall 2019

Demi Neven, Exchange 2019-20

Demi Neven
Tilburg University

Fall 2019

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Javier Ruiz Lorente
ESADE Faculty of Law

Spring 2020

Axel Seger, Exchange 2019-20

Axel Seger
Uppsala University

Fall 2019

Simón Sintes Victory, Exchange 2019-20

Simón Sintes Victory
ESADE Faculty of Law

Fall 2019

Teona Svanidze, Exchange 2019-20

Teona Svanidze
Uppsala University

Fall 2019

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Áurea Vallet Barceló
ESADE Faculty of Law

Spring 2020

David Vissers, Exchange 2019-20
David Vissers
Tilburg University

Fall 2019

Marik Zakrisson, Exchange 2019-20

Marik Zakrisson
Uppsala University

Fall 2019