Dual Degrees

At Minnesota Law, students have the benefit of being part of a comprehensive, world-class university. Law students who want to prepare for a career at the intersection of law and another discipline can earn a dual degree in one of the more than 200 graduate areas of study offered by the university’s 19 colleges, schools, and major academic units. Dual degree students typically complete both degrees a year earlier than it would take to earn the degrees separately.

Dual Degree Stats: 200 degree combinations, one year less to get both degrees

Examples of the wide array of possible degree combinations include:

  • J.D./Master of Business Administration (Carlson School of Management)
  • J.D./Master of Public Policy (Humphrey School of Public Affairs)
  • J.D./Master of Public Health (School of Public Health)
  • J.D./M.D. (School of Medicine)
  • J.D./Master of Arts in Mass Communication (Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • J.D./Ph.D. in various programs (Graduate School)

How the Dual Degree Program Works

All dual degree students complete their entire first year of law school (32 credits) with their law school peers. After completing their 1L year, students may take coursework entirely at the Law School, entirely in the partner program, or in both programs simultaneously. Law students pursuing a dual degree may count up to 12 credits from their partner program toward the J.D. degree. The partner program may similarly allow some J.D. credits to count toward that degree.

Jorgen Lervick, J.D./M.B.A. ’18
Laura Matson, J.D./Ph.D. ’18
2L Caroline Sell, J.D./M.P.H.