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New Acquisitions: Clarence Darrow's Will, Letters, and Books

May 10, 2022
The Law Library holds the most extensive collection of letters written by and to the legendary American trial attorney, Clarence Darrow (…

Rare Study Guides (and Good Luck on Finals)!

May 4, 2022
Legal study guides have a long history. An English study guide from 1600, penned by the lawyer William Fulbecke (1560-c.1603), includes…

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Bloomberg Law, Lexis+ & Westlaw Edge Access for Graduating & Continuing Students

April 11, 2022
 Summer 2022 and Beyond*Employers may prefer/require the use of the employer-issued ID & password for client work.Spring 2022…

Spotlight on fastcase

March 8, 2022
 What?The fastcase legal research platform provides a popular and affordable alternative for accessing federal and state primary…