Law Library Collections

The Law Library holds one of the preeminent legal research collections in the United States, providing access to materials in print and/or digital format as appropriate. The significant depth and breadth of the collection supports research on almost all traditional and emerging legal topics. Library resources are available for legal research in most jurisdictions, with particular emphasis on the law of Minnesota, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, British Commonwealth and former Commonwealth countries, and Western Europe, including an especially strong collection of Swedish materials. The library also maintains strong public and private international law collections. For more information about the library's collection policies see our Collection Development Policy.

The University of Minnesota Law School’s Stefan A. Riesenfeld Rare Books Research Center holds one of the outstanding collections of rare legal books in the United States. The books form the Arthur C. Pulling Rare Books Collection, more than 25,000 volumes of rare and special texts printed from the fifteenth through twentieth centuries. The Collection is a resource for the study of American and English law and history, as well as continental and other law.

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