Class of 2022

Mr. Othman Alfarhan, LLM 2022
Mr. Othman Alfarhan

Mr. Alfarhan earned his Bachelor of Laws from Kuwait University, where he served on the law school student council. Mr. Alfarhan has recently worked as an attorney and legal advisor at Ooredoo Telecom, and plans to pursue an academic research career in civil litigation.
Ms. Esiri Aror, LLM 2022
Ms. Esiri Aror

Ms. Aror is a legal graduate of both the Nigerian Law School and the University of Abuja, where she earned her BL and LLB degrees respectively. Ms. Aror is passionate about business law more broadly, and aims to use her legal education to promote good business and regulatory practices in Nigeria.
Mr. Henrique Beux Nassif Azem, LLM 2022
Mr. Henrique Beux Nassif Azem

Mr. Azem is a federal attorney for Brazil, and is currently completing a Master in Law degree at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Mr. Azem speaks five languages and has a strong publication track record. His goal is to become a professor of law in his home country of Brazil.
Toshesh Banthia, LLM 2021
Mr. Toshesh Banthia

Mr. Banthia earned his law degree from Dr. Ambedkar Law University in India. During this time, he worked for a district Judge at Madras High Court and as an associate at Backer Law. He is interested in corporate law and tax law.
Ms. Lucie Bonnevay, LLM 2022
Ms. Lucie Bonnevay

Ms. Bonnevay earned a double degree in English and French law from the University of Essex and the University of Lyon III respectively. Ms. Bonnevay also received a master’s degree in business and intellectual property law from the University of Lyon III, and is an accomplished badminton player in her spare time.
Ms. Kübra Bulut-Demirel, LLM 2022
Ms. Kübra Bulut-Demirel

Ms. Bulut-Demirel is a graduate of Faith University Law School in Istanbul, and is a two-time Turkish national debate champion. She has served as Editor-in-chief of a Turkish social science journal, and is passionate about immigration and human rights law.
Ms. Jiaoyang Chen, LLM 2022
Ms. Jiaoyang Chen

Ms. Chen received her Bachelor of Law from Shandong University School of Law, where she served as Chief Editor of the Journal of Shandong University Law School. She has an extensive research background in criminal justice issues, and is the recipient of multiple awards for excellence in social work.
Mr. Yifan Cheng, LLM 2022
Mr. Yifan Cheng

Mr. Cheng earned his Bachelor of Law degree from the Beijing University of Technology, and is interested in international and jurisdictional legal disputes, and how to structure regulatory frameworks to mitigate such issues from arising. Mr. Cheng has worked with the Beijing office of Jones Day.
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Mr. Jun Woo Choi
South Korea

Mr. Choi has a Master of Science in Technology, Management, Economics and Policy from Seoul National University, and graduated in the top 1% of his class to earn his American Law Specialist Certificate from KOABELS American Research Institute in South Korea. Mr. Choi is principally interested in technology law.
Landing Dahaba, LLM 2021
Mr. Landing Dahaba
The Gambia/USA

Mr. Dahaba studied law at the University of the Gambia and earned his first LL.M. degree at the University of Wisconsin. He is passionate about human rights, and is particularly interested in advocating for laws and policies that advance disability rights around the world.
Ms. Lèna Degobert, LLM 2022
Ms. Lèna Degobert

Ms. Degobert has a Bachelor of Laws from Nantes University, and a master’s degree in European Human Rights Law from the University of Lyon III. Ms. Degobert has recently worked with the Office of the Judge Niilo Jääskinen at the Court of Justice of the EU in Strasbourg, France. Ms. Degobert is primarily interested in human rights law.
Fernando Di Laura Frattura, Exchange 2021, LLM 2022
Mr. Fernando Di Laura Frattura

Mr. Di Laura Frattura graduated from Bocconi University with a Bachelor of Laws where he concentrated in business law. Mr. Di Laura Frattura has worked with the New York based law firm Cinotti and Galgano, and has gained experience, particularly in real estate and corporate law, working with multiple Milan based law firms.
Mr. Jiang Ge, LLM 2022
Mr. Jiang Ge

Mr. Ge received his Bachelor of Law from Xiangtan University, and has worked for Zhong Lun Law Firm on regulatory and contract disputes. Mr. Ge is primarily interested in international business transactions and dispute resolution.
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Ms. Seong Ree Hong
South Korea

Ms. Hong completed her American Law Specialist degree at KOABELS American Law Research Institute in South Korea, and has earned both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Entrepreneurship from Chung Ang University. Ms. Hong is passionate about helping small to medium sized companies navigate various legal issues in growing their business.
Ms. Suji Kim, LLM 2022
Ms. Suji Kim
South Korea

Ms. Kim earned a Bachelor’s of Law from Korean National Open University, and a Master’s in Law from Chung-Ang University. Ms. Kim’s background as a professional skier has informed her passion for sports and entertainment law, and she ultimately hopes to work for the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
Mr. Elio Koubbi, LLM 2022
Mr. Elio Koubbi

Mr. Koubbi graduated with a Master’s in Corporate Law and a Master’s in Civil and Private Law from Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He also completed a master’s degree in Private Law and Procedure from the University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis. Mr. Koubbi speaks four languages.
Kriya Dhara Kumaresh, LLM 2021
Ms. Kriya Dhara Kumaresh

Ms. Kumaresh graduated from Dr. Ambedkar Law University in India, where she interned for the Madras High Court and published extensively in various legal areas. She is currently an associate at Becker Law. She is interested in business law.
Ms. Zhuohaodi Li, LLM 2022
Ms. Zhuohaodi Li

Ms. Li graduated from Xiamen University, where she earned both a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Management. Ms. Li, a trained actor, possesses a deep interest in contextual diversity, and aims to use her legal education to promote personal liberty through leadership.
Mr. Kuan-Ting Liu, LLM 2022
Mr. Kuan-Ting Liu

Mr. Liu received his bachelor’s and Master of Laws from Soochow University in Taiwan. After graduation, Mr. Liu worked as a corporate attorney, and more recently as an associate in the Cheng Yang Patent and Trademark Office in Taipei. Mr. Liu’s main research interest is in patent law.
Mr. Jannik Marx, LLM 2022
Mr. Jannik Marx

Mr. Marx recently completed his first German state law exam at Humboldt University, where he worked at Law & Legal providing legal services to those in need. Mr. Marx is primarily interested in business and corporate law, and is an avid soccer player in his free time.
Mr. Sardor Musaev, LLM 2022
Mr. Sardor Musaev

Mr. Musaev received a Master’s in International Private Law from the National University of Uzbekistan, and possesses an extensive work history with the government of Uzbekistan. Notably, Mr. Musaev served as chief specialist on the development of bilateral and multilateral relations with the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Mr. Ian Musinguzi, LLM 2022
Mr. Ian Musinguzi

Mr. Musinguzi attended Makerere University for law school, after which he was a recipient of a Pro Bono award. For several years, he managed his own law firm in Uganda, handling land disputes for clients. He is passionate about immigration law and hopes to work for the American government.
Sunhong Park, LLM 2021
Ms. Sunhong Park
South Korea

Ms. Park earned her master's degrees in Political Science from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and in law from Korea National Open University in South Korea. She is passionate about international politics and global conflict and is interested in American law.
Mr. Jiawei Peng, LLM 2022
Mr. Jiawei Peng

Mr. Peng earned his Bachelor of Laws from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, where he worked with the Legal Aid Center providing legal services to local communities. Mr. Peng has also worked with the Shanghai Qingpu District Judicial Bureau, and is primarily interested in intellectual property law.
Ms. Auraprang Pornpermpoon, LLM 2022
Ms. Auraprang Pornpermpoon

Ms. Pornpermpoon graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Pornpermpoon has worked as a legal consultant and court interpreter, and is interested in criminal justice issues, particularly those related to the protection of child rights.
Min Soo Son, LLM 2021
Mr. Min Soo Son
South Korea

Mr. Son completed his JD degree from Jeju National University Law school in South Korea. Upon graduation, he worked as a legal expert in business relations at a law firm. He is interested in American law and corporate law.
Sara Urdiales Bartolome, Exchange 2021, LLM 2022
Ms. Sara Urdiales Bartolome

Ms. Bartolome earned a double degree in Law and Global Governance from ESADE University where she worked as Editor-in-Chief for a university magazine. Ms. Bartolome has also seen success competing in moot court competitions in the Houses of Parliament as her team's designated rebutter.
Ms. Thitiporn Visasnakorn, LLM 2022
Ms. Thitiporn Visasnakorn

Ms. Visasnakorn received her Bachelor of Laws degree from Ramkhamhaeng University, and has a deep interest in family law, with a particular emphasis on juvenile justice. Ms. Visasnakorn has recently worked as a legal officer at the Thai Bureau of Legal Affairs, Bureau of Land, the Royal Irrigation Department, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
Mr. Qidong Xiao, LLM 2022
Mr. Qidong Xiao

Mr. Xiao received a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from Hohai University, and has recently worked as a paralegal with the Shanghai Anzhiqin Law Firm. Mr. Xiao, a skilled musician and conductor in his spare time, is interested in international trade and business law, with an eye towards developing regulatory frameworks that benefit international commerce.
Mr. Shaohao Xie, LLM 2022
Mr. Shaohao Xie

Mr. Xie graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor of Laws, where he was the recipient of multiple awards for academic excellence. Mr. Xie is interested in business law more broadly, with a particular interest in comparative American-Chinese legal studies.
Mr. Jintao Yang, LLM 2022
Mr. Jintao Yang

Mr. Yang received his Bachelor of Laws from Fudan University, where he served as the deputy director of the Communist Youth League Committee Office. Mr. Yang has worked with Shanghai Beshining Law, and is primarily interested in international business law, investments, and capital markets.
Ms. Hong Yao, LLM 2022
Ms. Hong Yao

Ms. Yao received an LL.M. from the University of California-Davis, and a Bachelor of Laws from Shandong University of Finance and Economics. Ms. Yao is chiefly interested in business and intellectual property law, and is also a skilled folk and Chinese traditional dancer.


Ms. Sandra Al-Jassani, 2022 Spring Exchange

Ms. Sandra Al-Jassani
Uppsala University

Spring 2022

image pending

Mr. Fredrik Anstrin
Uppsala University

Spring 2022

Mr. Giulio Batuello, 2022 Spring Exchange

Mr. Giulio Batuello
Bocconi University

Spring 2022

Ms. Margaret Behen, Exchange 2021

Ms. Margaret Behen
University College Dublin, Ireland

Fall 2021

Ms. Isabel Eugenia Bueno Güerri, 2022 Spring Exchange

Ms. Isabel Eugenia Bueno Güerri
ESADE University

Spring 2022

Mr. John Albert Danielsson, 2022 Spring Exchange

Mr. John Albert Danielsson
Uppsala University

Spring 2022

Ms. Claudia Federico, 2022 Spring Exchange

Ms. Claudia Federico
Bocconi University

Spring 2022

Ms. Adriana Llop Sabaté, 2022 Spring Exchange

Ms. Adriana Llop Sabaté
ESADE University

Spring 2022

Mr. Jannik Löhden, Exchange 2021

Mr. Jannik Löhden
Bucerius Law School, Germany

Fall 2021

Mr. Thomas Maher, Exchange 2021

Mr. Thomas Maher
University College Dublin, Ireland

Fall 2021

Ms. Morgane O’Connor, Exchange 2021

Ms. Morgane O’Connor
University College Dublin, Ireland

Fall 2021

Mr. Alejandro Seoane Cabezas, Exchange 2021

Mr. Alejandro Seoane Cabezas
ESADE, Spain

Fall 2021

Ms. Mireia Simón Ostos, Exchange 2021

Ms. Mireia Simón Ostos
ESADE, Spain

Fall 2021

Mr. Erik Schwartz, 2022 Spring Exchange

Mr. Erik Schwartz
Uppsala University

Spring 2022

Mr. Vasilios Stavropoulos, 2022 Spring Exchange

Mr. Vasilios Stavropoulos
Uppsala University

Spring 2022