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Planned Giving

You received your professional education from one of the finest law schools in the world, enabling a fulfilling career, the ability to make a real difference in the lives of your clients and the community, and means to provide for you and your family. You may be considering ways to give back to the Law School and to establish a legacy for generations to come. What if you could make a gift to the Law School of incredible significance, beyond your dreams?

Often transformational gifts are within reach if someone just shows you what to give, when to give it, and how. The Law School's Office of Advancement and the Planned Giving team at the University of Minnesota Foundation can help you create a framework for your philanthropy that reflects your charitable goals, maximizes potential tax benefits (income, capital gains, or estate), provides financial security for you and your loved ones, and creates a lasting legacy for you that will help the Law School remain a leader worldwide.

Gifts may take the form of a bequest from a will or revocable trust agreement, the designation of retirement plan assets or life insurance, or a gift that can provide income payments to you or your loved ones for life. We can also assist with current gifts that may offer particular challenges and rewards, such as real estate and tangible personal property.

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