Class of 2024



Miriam Arnold

Ms. Miriam Arnold

Ms. Arnold earned her degree in law from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany where she was involved in the Humboldt Law Clinic for Constitutional and Human Rights and did an exchange seminar in Prague. Ms. Arnold has a strong interest in the overlap between law and economics, and is hoping to explore a range of classes before deciding on a specialty.

Lejla Beciraj

Ms. Lejla Beciraj
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ms. Beciraj is currently studying Global Law at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. She also participated in an exchange program in Germany. Ms. Beciraj is hoping to pursue multiple Master’s degrees in law and to expand her linguistic abilities in Spanish, German, and English during her continuing studies. 

Oleksii Borovyk

Mr. Oleksii Borovyk

Mr. Borovyk earned his Bachelor and Master of Laws at Odessa Law Academy in Odessa, Ukraine. Mr. Borovyk’s primary area of expertise centered on immigration law, a field he pursued with great fervor. Simultaneously excelling as a corporate lawyer, he also served as legal counsel for a construction company and a design engineering firm.

Ilkin Gurbanov

Mr. Ilkin Gurbanov

Mr. Gurbanov is a Fulbright Scholar who earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. He worked extensively with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan and is a Police Colonel experienced in the organizational and analytical work of combating human trafficking, irregular migration, and the provision of national IDs. Mr. Gurbanov's interests include international criminal law and immigration law.

Mohammad Hassan

Mr. Mohammad Hassan

Mr. Hassan earned his Bachelor of Laws degree with honors from the University of London International Programmes. He has distinctions in Islamic jurisprudence, international protection of human rights laws, and trust & equity laws. Mr. Hassan is currently completing a third semester of his LL.M. degree.

Johnmary Jideobi

Mr. Johnmary Jideobi

Mr. Jideobi earned his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Nigeria. He also earned an LL.M. in International Law from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. Mr. Jideobi founded JOHNMARY C. JIDEOBI & CO, a law firm engaged in legal consultancy, arbitration and core litigation in Abuja, Nigeria. His interests include constitutional law, criminal defense, human rights, and public interest litigation.

Bulelwa Jita

Ms. Bulelwa Jita
South Africa

Ms. Jita earned her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She worked as a high school debate coach and adjudicator for the South African Schools Debating Board. Ms. Jita is pursuing her Master of Laws with focus on issues of governance and intellectual property by taking classes in international human rights, technology and intellectual property law.

Maximilian Kette

Mr. Maximilian Kette

Mr. Kette is pursuing his Master of Laws after earning his Bachelor of Laws from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, where he focused his studies on EU Migration Law. He also undertook studies in Contract and Competition Law. In 2019, he studied via the Erasmus program in Zagreb, Croatia. Mr. Kette previously worked as a legal researcher at the Federal Ministry of Health.

Suleyman Kilic

Mr. Suleyman Kilic

Mr. Kilic earned his Bachelor of Laws from ​​Galatasaray University in Istanbul, Turkey and worked as an attorney at Turkekul Law Firm. He also worked as a legal intern doing research on data privacy laws, e-commerce, and internet laws. Mr. Kilic has special interests in understanding corporate structures and analyzing the workings of financial institutions.

YeonJu Lee

Ms. YeonJu Lee
South Korea

Ms. Lee undertook her undergraduate and graduate studies at Sogang University in Seoul, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Economics and her Master’s in Political Science. Ms. Lee has received awards for her academic thesis on U.S. nuclear weapons in Korea. She has skills in teaching and researching as well as interests in international studies. 

Ni Li

Ms. Ni Li

Ms. Li earned her Master of Laws from Shenzhen University. She is pursuing another Master of Laws at Minnesota Law to focus on business law, litigation practice, and dispute resolution. Ms. Li is an experienced corporate attorney with over 5 years of experience practicing in a large multinational company.

Mariia Melnyk

Ms. Mariia Melnyk

Ms. Melnyk earned both her Bachelor and Master of Laws from National University Odessa School of Law. During her studies in Ukraine, she focused on international law and the laws of the European Union. Ms. Melnyk was also a part of the Future Leaders Exchange Program as one of 600 participants nationwide for an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State based on academic success and leadership potential.

Léa Nardone

Ms. Léa Nardone

Ms. Nardone received a joint Bachelor degree in Laws and Political Science from the University of Jean Moulin in Lyon, France. She also earned a university degree in American Law from Jean Moulin. Ms. Nardone studied at one of the top U.S. law schools, University of Texas-Austin, to undertake the first year of her Master’s in Public International Law. She will be taking the New York Bar Exam after finishing her LL.M. degree at Minnesota Law.

Louisa Ntaji

Ms. Louisa Ntaji

Ms. Ntaji completed her Bachelor in Laws degree at the University of The Gambia Banjul. She undertook intense studies in human rights law at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where she also earned her Master of Laws in Human Rights and Democratization in Africa. Ms. Ntaji is pursuing her LL.M. in Health Law and Bioethics.

Supichaya Praneetpolkrung

Ms. Supichaya Praneetpolkrung

Ms. Praneetpolkrung earned her Bachelor of Laws at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. She has already completed an LL.M. degree with a concentration in criminal law from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, USA. Ms. Praneetpolkrung has experience working as an attorney at law in Thailand. She also comes from a family with legal backgrounds and aims to become a judge in Thailand.

Alisher Sadiev

Mr. Alisher Sadiev

Mr. Sadiev earned his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Commercial Law from Westminster International University in Tashkent. While at WIUT, Mr. Sadiev served as the president of the Students’ Union and led several of the largest student communities. Prior to joining Minnesota Law, he worked as the head of the legal department at a mining, engineering, and construction group of companies, and concurrently served as a legal counsel at an aviation company.

Sena Salih

Ms. Sena Salih

Ms. Salih earned her Bachelor of Laws with honors from MEF University in İstanbul and obtained a certificate from Cambridge Law Studio. She received her lawyer’s license from İstanbul Bar Association and has worked in contract and business law but has a passion for human rights law and has provided pro-bono legal support to more than fifty children and women. Ms. Salih plans to take the New York Bar Exam.

Jung Ho Shim

Ms. Jung Ho Shim
South Korea

Ms. Shim has a career background as a surgical oncologist treating cancer patients. She conducted research and testing on AI software intended to help physicians make treatment decisions regarding cancer patients. This overlap between new technology in the medical field and the law has prompted Ms. Shim to pursue a law degree to help aid in medical advancement.

Rufaro Siwela

Ms. Rufaro Siwela

Ms. Siwela earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Fort Hare in South Africa, where she studied International Trade Law. She worked as a Legal Officer of Girl Up Zimbabwe to arrange seminars with women from different communities and backgrounds to discuss issues in the legal framework for business. Ms. Siwela currently works at Webstudio as a Legal Administration Officer.

Jayada Tripathi

Ms. Jayada Tripathi

Ms. Tripathi earned her Bachelor of Laws with honors from the University of Allahabad. While her research interests include environmental law, human rights law, and feminist jurisprudence, she ultimately strives to be a business lawyer. Ms. Tripathi is particularly interested in corporate responsibility of human rights protection. She looks forward to learning more about foreign legal systems and utilizing her varied interests to work toward inclusivity in the business law field.

Ken Wang

Mr. Ken Wang

Mr. Wang graduated from Northwest University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor of Laws. He is committed to providing educational resources to those areas and communities who lack adequate resources. Mr. Wang organized and held activities regularly to popularize and publicize legal knowledge and provide legal advice for community residents, so as to improve community governance.

Matilda Westman

Ms. Matilda Westman

Ms. Westman completed her Master of Laws at Uppsala University. She specialized in environmental law and wrote her master’s thesis about pesticides. Ms. Westman aims to have a career as a prosecutor.

Muyleng Yi

Ms. Muyleng Yi

Ms. Yi earned her Bachelor of Laws from Royal University of Law & Economics in Cambodia. She later earned her Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne in Australia. In between those degrees, Ms. Yi undertook a post-graduate International Training Program on International Law and Sustainable Development at the University of Antwerp.

Chen Yu

Ms. Chen Yu

Ms. Yu graduated from Dianchi College of Yunnan University where she earned her Bachelor of Laws. She is now pursuing her LL.M., focusing on international law and comparative law. Ms. Yu has experience working as a court clerk for the Ruichang People’s Court. She is excited to gain a better understanding of the U.S. legal system.

Jieyun (Lucy) Zhang

Ms. Jieyun (Lucy) Zhang

Ms. Zhang is an associate with Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP in Shanghai. She earned her Bachelor of Laws from Fudan University and her Master of Laws from China University of Political Science and Law, majoring in civil and commercial law. At Faegre, Ms. Zhang's practices include general corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, and FCPA investigations, while coordinating with colleagues in China, Europe and U.S.

Juncheng Zhao

Mr. Juncheng Zhao

Mr. Zhao earned his undergraduate degree in economic law, focusing on combining legal and business knowledge. His Bachelor of Laws was earned at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics where he earned multiple awards and competed in chess tournaments. Mr. Zhao has experience working as a paralegal for multiple firms, as well as experience as a judge’s assistant.


Fall Exchange Students

Òscar Balcells Fusté

Mr. Òscar Balcells Fusté

Mr. Balcells Fusté is earning  a dual degree in Business Administration and Law from Esade Business & Law School, Ramon Llull University. He also attended Institut La Segarra for his baccalaureate degree in Social Sciences. Mr. Balcells Fusté hopes to work in a consulting firm to advise clients in making important decisions for their enterprises after finishing his LL.M.

Rodrigo Delgado Barreto

Mr. Rodrigo Delgado Barreto

Mr. Barreto attends FGV Direito Rio, a university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he is working on his Bachelor of Laws. He is interested in courses in civil law, corporate law, business negotiation and tax law. While earning his LL.B., Mr. Barreto participates in moot court and activities in banking law and arbitration.

Sebastian Baastad Berg

Mr. Sebastian Baastad Berg

Mr. Baastad Berg is a student from the University of Bergen earning his Master of Laws. He also participated in the mock trial program on terrorism in international waters. Mr. Baastad Berg is interested in the areas of international relations, EU trade regulations, human rights, penal law and contract disputes. Outside of the law, Mr. Baastad Berg enjoys sports and sporting events, history, physics, and music.

Johanna Borna

Ms. Johanna Borna

Ms. Borna is currently undertaking a law program at Uppsala University and will complete a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lund University after graduating from law school. She has experience working for law firms as a legal intern and currently works as a Analyst Issuer Surveillance at Nasdaq. 

Giovanna Cardellini

Ms. Giovanna Cardellini

Ms. Cardellini is a fourth-year law student at Bocconi University in Milan. She is particularly interested in pursuing classes in criminal and business law during her time at Minnesota Law, while gaining more knowledge on the common law system. Ms. Cardellini is a student athlete at Bocconi University, where she swims for the university team. Ultimately, Ms. Cardellini hopes to become a judge one day.

João Victor Vieira Fagundes

Mr. João Victor Vieira Fagundes

Mr. Fagundes is earning his law degree at FGV Direito Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Academically, he has exhibited his commitment as a diligent researcher, concentrating on the intricacies of Brazilian tax law. His professional trajectory encompasses roles within esteemed law firms and innovative startup enterprises. Mr. Fagundes’ research interests also encompass civil law, tax law, corporate law, alongside the domains of arbitration, mediation, and negotiation.

Ludwig Irveland

Mr. Ludwig Irveland

Mr. Irveland is working on his Master of Laws at Uppsala University where he works as a legal research assistant. Mr. Irveland was also a member of the Swedish Armed Forces. He is interested in digitalization in this age and how it affects society and the law. Mr. Irveland hopes to live abroad or otherwise work internationally upon graduation. 

Chiara Magnelli

Ms. Chiara Magnelli

Ms. Magnelli is working towards her Master of Arts in Law from Bocconi University in Milan. She also completed a summer program in international commercial arbitration and litigation at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Ms. Magnelli has volunteered with the Clean Ocean Project and Salvation Army. 

Isak Steinbach

Mr. Isak Steinbach

Mr. Steinbach is currently working on his Master of Laws at Uppsala University, he also underwent a summer program at the University of Gothenburg on literary classics. Mr. Steinbach completed military basic training with the Swedish Armed Forces and worked as a correctional officer with the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. He is primarily interested in civil and corporate law.

Julia Torvik

Ms. Julia Torvik

Ms. Torvik took independent classes in law and criminology at London South Bank University. She then completed Uppsala University’s legal foundation year, and is now completing the full legal program at Uppsala. Ms. Torvik has experience working in a law firm and the courts through witness support. 

Conor Twomey

Mr. Conor Twomey
Mr. Twomey is a third year law student at University College Dublin where he participates and judges debate competitions. He also serves as the Public Relations Officer for the UCD Law Society. Mr. Twomey is looking forward to comparing and contrasting the United States legal system with that of the legal system in Ireland. In his free time, Mr. Twomey enjoys caving and sea swimming.

Axel Westerberg

Mr. Axel Westerberg 

Mr. Westerberg is a third year law student at Uppsala University, where he is currently working on his Master of Laws. At Lund University, he also completed an introductory course in law prior to beginning his Masters. Mr. Westerberg also served as a correctional officer at the Penitentiary of Täby & Österåker. He also has experience working for a law firm, and has a specific interest in history.