Class of 2021

Emre Aksoy, LLM 2021
Mr. Emre Aksoy

Mr. Aksoy studied law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Germany, where he also participated in an exchange program at Bilgi University in Turkey. He is an active member of the Young European Federalists, and is passionate about international commercial law.
Jamal Ibrahim Altahir, LLM 2021
Mr. Jamal Ibrahim Altahir

Mr. Altahir earned his first legal degree from the University of Khartoum in Sudan. Upon arrival in the United States, he attended the University of Washington School of Law to receive his master's degree in National Security and U.S. Foreign Relations Law. He is passionate about human rights and speaks five languages.
Uriel Balladares, LLM 2021
Mr. Uriel Balladares

Mr. Balladares is a graduate of Universidad Americana in Nicaragua, where he ranked highly in an international moot court competition. Upon graduation, he worked in real estate. He is interested in business law.
Toshesh Banthia, LLM 2021
Mr. Toshesh Banthia

Mr. Banthia earned his law degree from Dr. Ambedkar Law University in India. During this time, he worked for a district Judge at Madras High Court and as an associate at Backer Law. He is interested in corporate law and tax law.
Anna Jessica Berz, LLM 2021
Ms. Anna Jessica Berz

Ms. Berz is a graduate of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Germany. During this time, she worked at the German embassy and participated in an exchange program with King’s College in London. She is interested in civil law.
Ching Yu Chuang, LLM 2021
Mr. Ching Yu Chuang

Mr. Chuang is a graduate of Soochow University School of Law in Taipei. During this time, he worked for a judicial reform foundation and was captain of his volleyball team. He is interested in criminal trial work.
Landing Dahaba, LLM 2021
Mr. Landing Dahaba
The Gambia/USA

Mr. Dahaba studied law at the University of the Gambia and earned his first LL.M. degree at the University of Wisconsin. He is passionate about human rights, and is particularly interested in advocating for laws and policies that advance disability rights around the world.
Yoshiki Funasaka, LLM 2021
Mr. Yoshiki Funasaka

Mr. Funasaka attained his legal degree at Kyoto University Law School, after which he worked as principal member in his law firm’s labor law group. He also has experience in Japanese trust law. He is interested in international law.
Ivania Galeano, LLM 2021
Ms. Ivania Galeano

Ms. Galeano received her bachelor’s degree in law from the Catholic University of Honduras and her master’s in human rights from the National University of La Plata in Argentina. In Honduras, she served as an Officer in the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. A Fulbright scholar, she is interested in criminal law.
Pauline Garrait, LLM 2021
Ms. Pauline Garrait

Ms. Garrait completed her bachelor’s in law and her master’s in business law from Université Lyon 3 in France. She currently works at a firm on M&A and private equity matters. She is interested in business law.
Clémence Heiter, LLM 2021
Ms. Clémence Heiter

Ms. Heiter received her legal degree from Université Grenoble Alpes in France. Upon graduation, she worked at a corporate law firm, and then completed her master’s degree in business and tax law. She is interested in international business law.
Juan Hernandez, LLM 2021
Mr. Juan Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez earned his law degree from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, and then worked as an attorney and negotiator for a national construction firm. For the past decade, he has served as a political organizer. He is interested in business law.
Mijin Kim, LLM 2021
Ms. Mijin Kim
South Korea

Ms. Kim earned her law degree from Myongji University in South Korea. During this time, she worked for an international NGO. She is interested in corporate law, particularly for international transactions.
Kriya Dhara Kumaresh, LLM 2021
Ms. Kriya Dhara Kumaresh

Ms. Kumaresh graduated from Dr. Ambedkar Law University in India, where she interned for the Madras High Court and published extensively in various legal areas. She is currently an associate at Becker Law. She is interested in business law.
Jovelyn Larson, LLM 2021
Mrs. Jovelyn Larson

Mrs. Larson studied law at Mindanao State University in the Philippines, after which she came to Minnesota to work as a paralegal. She also received her MBA from Bethel University in St. Paul and then began working as a legal manager for Medtronic. She is interested in corporate law.
Daniel Lecker, LLM 2021
Mr. Daniel Lecker

Mr. Lecker attended the University of Graz in Austria for his magister degree in law, during which time he interned for the Roman Catholic Church of Austria. He then began his doctoral degree in law at the University of Salzburg, focusing his research on the United Nations. He is interested in international and comparative law.
Jungkwon Lee, LLM 2020
Mr. Jongkwon Lee
South Korea

Mr. Lee attended SungKyunKwan University in Seoul for his bachelor’s in law. He has extensive managerial experience and specializes in marketing and sales strategy. He aspires to become an international transactional lawyer, specializing in finance and negotiations.
Wei-Han Lee, LLM 2021
Mr. Wei-Han Lee

Mr. Lee completed his master’s from National Taiwan University. He wrote his thesis on the patent law for computer related inventions. He is proficient in several computer programming languages and is passionate about IP and data privacy law.
Sunhong Park, LLM 2021
Ms. Sunhong Park
South Korea

Ms. Park earned her master's degrees in Political Science from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and in law from Korea National Open University in South Korea. She is passionate about international politics and global conflict and is interested in American law.
Kanika Sao, LLM 2021
Ms. Kanika Sao

Ms. Sao graduated from the Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia, where she participated in international competitions for business and arbitration and studied in France for a year. She has worked for the European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia. A Fulbright scholar, she is interested in international business law.
Jie Sheng, LLM 2021
Ms. Jie Sheng

Ms. Sheng attended Beijing University of Technology in China for her law degree, during which time she participated in moot court and as an intern for Yingke Law Firm. She is interested in international law, particularly global transactions and exchanges.
Kamile Sileviciute, LLM 2021
Ms. Kamile Sileviciute

Ms. Sileviciute has a bachelor’s degree in law from Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. Upon her arrival in the U.S. she participated in the English Language Learners Program at Minnesota State Community Technical College, where she also received an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. She is passionate about criminal law.
Min Soo Son, LLM 2021
Mr. Min Soo Son
South Korea

Mr. Son completed his JD degree from Jeju National University Law school in South Korea. Upon graduation, he worked as a legal expert in business relations at a law firm. He is interested in American law and corporate law.
Mehmet Turkoglu, LLM 2021
Mr. Mehmet Turkoglu

Mr. Turkoglu earned his legal degree at Istanbul University. After working for two years at a law firm, he became a research assistant at Suleyman Demirel University in the Public Law department, and then interned for The Advocates for Human Rights in Minneapolis. He is passionate about human rights and academia.
Ya-Chu Yang, LLM 2021
Ms. Ya-Chu Yang

Ms. Yang received her legal degree from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. After graduation, she worked at law firms, as a pro bono attorney for the Legal Aid Foundation, and in the government. She is interested in human rights law.
Vincent Zacharias, LLM 2021
Mr. Vincent Zacharias

Mr. Zacharias earned his law degree from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Germany. During school, he participated in a one-year exchange program at Sapienza University in Rome. He is interested in civil litigation and comparative law.


Fernando Di Laura Frattura, Exchange 2021, LLM 2022
Mr. Fernando Di Laura Frattura

Spring 2021

Sara Urdiales Bartolome, Exchange 2021, LLM 2022
Ms. Sara Urdiales Bartolome

Spring 2021