Human Rights Center Faculty & Staff

Affiliated Faculty

  • Cosette Creamer (international trade, laws of war, human rights)
  • Jennie Green (international human rights law, litigation in U.S. courts and international legal systems, business and human rights)
  • Ryan Greenwood (history of international law)
  • Oren Gross (international humanitarian law, national security law)
  • Neha Jain (international criminal law)
  • Helen Kinsella (gender and armed conflict; international humanitarian law)
  • Steve Meili (rights of noncitizens, international human rights law, international refugee law)
  • Rand Park (business ethics, corporate social responsibility)
  • Chris Roberts (sociology and public policy perspective to human rights, international law, legal history)
  • Alan Rozenshtein (cybersecurity, fourth amendment, national security)
  • Michele Statz (access to justice, rights mobilization, tribal and state court judging)
  • Robert Stein (rule of law)
  • Loren Turner (international and foreign legal research)


The Human Rights Center thrives in an exceptionally vibrant human rights community at the Law School, in the University, and in the Twin Cities. Our partners include: