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Recent Publications

Recent books, book chapters, and journal articles published by the University of Minnesota Law School faculty.

To find earlier publications during a faculty member's tenure at the University of Minnesota Law School, search by faculty member and/or by words in the publications' citations using the search box on the right. Additional information can be found on the faculty biography pages via the faculty directory.

– Probation Revocation, in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Criminology (Oxford University Press, 2021- )
Benjamin Wiggins
Edward E. Rhine
Bree Crye
Robin Tu
– Parole Rules in the United States: Conditions of Parole in Historical Perspective, 1956–2020, 47 Criminal Justice Review 185 (2022)
– Garbage In, Garbage Out: Improving Citators through Improved Citations, in The Role of Citation in the Law: A Yale Law School Symposium 667 (Michael G. Chiorazzi, ed., William S. Hein Co., 2022)
John B. Snyder
– Applying Administrative Law in Tax Cases, Effectively Representing Your Client Before the IRS: A Practical Manual for the Tax Practitioner with Sample Correspondence and Forms (American Bar Association, Section of Taxation, 8th ed., 2021)
– Redesigning Widespread Insurance Coverage Disputes: A Case Study of the British and American Approaches to Pandemic Business Interruption Coverage, 71 DePaul Law Review 427 (2022)
Cases and Materials on Juvenile Justice Administration (West Academic Publishing, 5th ed., 2018; 6th ed., 2022)
Giampaolo Frezza
Daniel Pi
– Courts As Auditors of Legislation?, 29 George Mason Law Review 447-469 (2022)
– Exceptionality: A Typology of Covid-19 Emergency Powers, 26 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 49 (2022)
Tom Ginsburg
– The Role of Comparative Law in the Social Sciences: An Introduction, 69 American Journal of Comparative Law 627–635 (2021)
Claire Wright
Bill Rolston
– Navigating Colonial Debris: Structural Challenges for Colombia’s Peace Accord, Peacebuilding (published online Jan. 24, 2022)
Christopher Levesque
Jack DeWaard
Michele Garnett McKenzie
Kazumi Tsuchiya
Olivia Toles
Amy Lange
Kim Horner
Eric Ryu
Elizabeth Heger Boyle
– Crimmigrating Narratives: Examining Third-Party Observations of US Detained Immigration Court, Law & Social Inquiry (published online June 30, 2022)
Eleanor Brown
Naomi Cahn
– The Price of Exit, 99 Washington University Law Review 1897 (2022)
Will Stancil
Eric Myott
– Solving the Problem of Power: The Emerging Legislative Coalition for Civil Rights, 48 Journal of Legislation 268 (2022)
– Hitler's Willing Law Professors, in The Betrayal of the Humanities: The University during the Third Reich 361 (Bernard M. Levinson & Robert P. Ericksen, eds., Indiana University Press, 2022)
– Appointed or Elected: How Justices on Elected State Supreme Courts Are Actually Selected, Law & Social Inquiry (published online June 27, 2022)
Understanding Administrative Law (Carolina Academic Press, 7th ed., 2022)
– COVID-19 and the Multiple Worlds of Litigation, 71 DePaul Law Review 393 (2022)
Barclay E. James
– State Ownership and Project Financing, in The Oxford Handbook of State Capitalism and the Firm  (Mike Wright, Geoffrey T. Wood, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Pei Sun, Ilya Okhmatovskiy & Anna Grosman, eds., Oxford University Press, 2022)
– The Inner and Outer Limits of Gendered Transitional Justice, in Redress: Ireland's Institutions and Transitional Justice 146-157 (Katherine O'Donnell, Maeve O'Rourke & James M. Smith, eds. University College Dublin Press, 2022)
Claire O. Finkelstein
– Presidential Accountability and the Rule of Law: Can the President Claim Immunity If He Shoots Someone on Fifth Avenue?, 24 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 93 (2022)
Christina L. Kunz
Jennifer S. Martin
Elizabeth R. Schiltz
Learning Sales Law (West Academic, 2016; 2d ed., 2022)
– From Mandates to Governance: Restructuring the Employment Relationship, 81 Maryland Law Review 887 (2022)
Jon J. Lee
– Leadership Evolution: The Rise of Lawyers in the C-Suite, 96 Tulane Law Review 695 (2022)
– Beyond Purposivism in Tax Law, 107 Iowa Law Review 1439 (2022)
Allison K. Hoffman
Howell E. Jackson
– A Public Option for Employer Health Plans, 20 Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law & Ethics 299 (2021)
– Doing Justice in Sentencing, 50 Crime and Justice 1-12 (2021)
– Fatalism and Indifference: The Influence of the Frontier on American Criminal Justice, 50 Crime and Justice 425-64 (2021)
Thomas P. Gallanis
– The Uniform Probate Code's New Intestacy and Class Gift Provisions, 46 ACTEC Law Journal 127 (2021)
Richard J. Goldstone
Homer E. Moyer, Jr.
The Rule of Law in the 21st Century: A Worldwide Perspective (Globe Law and Business, 2d ed., 2022) (co-editor)
James G. Hodge, Jr.
– Designing COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in Colleges and Universities: A Roadmap to the 10 Key Questions, 9 Journal of Law and the Biosciences (published online Jan. 2022)