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Recent Publications

Recent books, book chapters, and journal articles published by the University of Minnesota Law School faculty.

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– Joseph Raz on Law's Moral Claims 8 RphZ Rechtsphilosophie 385-393 (2022)
– The Complexity of Sexual Violence, Birthing, and Status After the Fall of the Caliphate, in Challenging Conceptions: Children Born of Wartime Rape and Sexual Exploitation 199-216 (Kimberly Theidon, Dyan Mazurana & Dipali Anumol, eds., Oxford University Press, 2023)
Kenneth S. Abraham
– The Limits of Regulation by Insurance, 98 Indiana Law Journal 215 (2022)
Patent Claims (Thomson Reuters, 3d ed., 2022)
– Spousal Support in an Era of Inequality, 44 Houston Journal of International Law 367 (2022)
The Constitutionalization of Human Rights Law: Implications for Refugees (Oxford University Press, 2022)
Rory O’Connell
Lina Malagón
– Are Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Side-Lined in Peace Agreements? Insights From Peace Agreement Databases, 26 Gonzaga Journal of International Law 25 (2022)
– The Limits of Law and the Value of Rights in Addressing Terrorism: A Study of the UN Counterterrorism Architecture, in Between Crime and War: Hybrid Legal Frameworks for Asymmetric Conflict 45-62 (Jens David Ohlin, Claire Finkelstein, Christopher J. Fuller & Mitt Regan, eds., Oxford University Press, 2022)
– Safeguarding Confidential Arbitration Awards in Uncontested Confirmation Actions, 59 American Business Law Journal 505 (2022)
– Objectivity, Conventions, and the Possibility of Universal Error, in Without Trimmings: The Legal, Moral, and Political Philosophy of Matthew Kramer 113-124 (Mark McBride & Visa AJ Kurki, eds. Oxford University Press, 2022)
– Rurality as an Intersecting Axis of Inequality in the Work of the U.N. Treaty Bodies, 79 Washington and Lee Law Review 1125 (2022)
– The Collaboration of the Intellectuals: Legal Academia and the Third Reich, in Collaboration in Authoritarian and Armed Conflict Settings 179 (Juan Espindola & Leigh A. Payne, eds., Oxford University Press, 2022)
– Probation Revocation, in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Criminology (Oxford University Press, 2021- )
Benjamin Wiggins
Edward E. Rhine
Bree Crye
Robin Tu
– Parole Rules in the United States: Conditions of Parole in Historical Perspective, 1956–2020, 47 Criminal Justice Review 185 (2022)
– Garbage In, Garbage Out: Improving Citators through Improved Citations, in The Role of Citation in the Law: A Yale Law School Symposium 667 (Michael G. Chiorazzi, ed., William S. Hein Co., 2022)
John B. Snyder
– Applying Administrative Law in Tax Cases, Effectively Representing Your Client Before the IRS: A Practical Manual for the Tax Practitioner with Sample Correspondence and Forms (American Bar Association, Section of Taxation, 8th ed., 2021)
– Redesigning Widespread Insurance Coverage Disputes: A Case Study of the British and American Approaches to Pandemic Business Interruption Coverage, 71 DePaul Law Review 427 (2022)
Claire Wright
Bill Rolston
– Navigating Colonial Debris: Structural Challenges for Colombia’s Peace Accord, Peacebuilding (published online Jan. 24, 2022)
Giampaolo Frezza
Daniel Pi
– Courts As Auditors of Legislation?, 29 George Mason Law Review 447-469 (2022)
– Exceptionality: A Typology of Covid-19 Emergency Powers, 26 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 49 (2022)
Tom Ginsburg
– The Role of Comparative Law in the Social Sciences: An Introduction, 69 American Journal of Comparative Law 627–635 (2021)
Cases and Materials on Juvenile Justice Administration (West Academic Publishing, 5th ed., 2018; 6th ed., 2022)
Christopher Levesque
Jack DeWaard
Michele Garnett McKenzie
Kazumi Tsuchiya
Olivia Toles
Amy Lange
Kim Horner
Eric Ryu
Elizabeth Heger Boyle
– Crimmigrating Narratives: Examining Third-Party Observations of US Detained Immigration Court, Law & Social Inquiry (published online June 30, 2022)
Eleanor Brown
Naomi Cahn
– The Price of Exit, 99 Washington University Law Review 1897 (2022)
Will Stancil
Eric Myott
– Solving the Problem of Power: The Emerging Legislative Coalition for Civil Rights, 48 Journal of Legislation 268 (2022)
– Appointed or Elected: How Justices on Elected State Supreme Courts Are Actually Selected, Law & Social Inquiry (published online June 27, 2022)
– Hitler's Willing Law Professors, in The Betrayal of the Humanities: The University during the Third Reich 361 (Bernard M. Levinson & Robert P. Ericksen, eds., Indiana University Press, 2022)
Understanding Administrative Law (Carolina Academic Press, 7th ed., 2022)
– COVID-19 and the Multiple Worlds of Litigation, 71 DePaul Law Review 393 (2022)
Barclay E. James
– State Ownership and Project Financing, in The Oxford Handbook of State Capitalism and the Firm  (Mike Wright, Geoffrey T. Wood, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Pei Sun, Ilya Okhmatovskiy & Anna Grosman, eds., Oxford University Press, 2022)