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Recent Publications

Recent books, book chapters, and journal articles published by the University of Minnesota Law School faculty.

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– And Should I Then Presume?: A Response to Carrier and Tushnet's An Antitrust Framework for False Advertising, 108 Iowa Law Review Online 22 (2022-2023)
– American Family Courts and the Triple System of Family Law Adjudication, in Research Handbook on Family Justice Systems (Mavis Maclean & Rachel Treloar, eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023)
Leslie Joan Harris
Rachel Rebouché
Family Law (Aspen Publishing, 7th ed., 2023) 
– Appointed or Elected: How Justices on Elected State Supreme Courts Are Actually Selected, 48 Law & Social Inquiry 371 (2023)
Christopher Levesque
Jack DeWaard
Michele Garnett McKenzie
Kazumi Tsuchiya
Olivia Toles
Amy Lange
Kim Horner
Eric Ryu
Elizabeth Heger Boyle
– Crimmigrating Narratives: Examining Third-Party Observations of US Detained Immigration Court, 48 Law & Social Inquiry 407 (2023)
– Fifty Years of Patent Remedies Case Law: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, 50 AIPLA Quarterly Journal 607 (2022)
Robin Fretwell Wilson
The International Survey of Family Law 2022 (Intersentia, 2022) (co-editor)
– Seeing Like an Anti-Fraud State, 40 Law and History Review 855 (2022) (review essay) (reviewing Edward Balleisen, Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff (Princeton University Press 2018))
Jurisprudence: Theory and Context, (Sweet & Maxwell (UK), Carolina Academic Press (US), 1st ed., 1996; 2d ed., 1999; 3d ed., 2003; 4th ed., 2006; 5th ed., 2009; 6th ed., 2012; 7th ed., 2015; 8th ed., 2019; 9th ed., 2023; translated into Chinese (Law Press, 2007), Greek (Kritiki Publications, 2007), Spanish (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2010), Italian (G. Giappichelli Editore, 2016), Portuguese (Tirant lo Blanch 2020), and Georgian (Varlam Cherkezishvili Institute, 2023)
Rory O'Connell
Lina Malagón
– The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and Transformative Change: Promise, Power and Solidarity, Israel Law Review (published online, May 9, 2023)
– The Roberts Court's Structural Incrementalism, 136 Harvard Law Review Forum 75 (2022)
– Alf Ross on the Nature of Law, 36 Ratio Juris 61-71 (2023)
– Methodology for Theorizing About the Nature of Law and About Doctrinal Areas of Law, in Meta-theory of Law 75-91 (Mathieu Carpentier, ed., ISTE Publishing, 2022)
– Standing, Nominal Damages, and Nominal Damages "Workarounds" in Intellectual Property Law After TransUnion, 56 U.C. Davis Law Review 1085 (2023)
Ana María Suárez Franco
– A Critical Peasants’ Rights Perspective for Human Rights and the Environment: Leveraging the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants, in A Research Agenda for Human Rights and the Environment (Dina Lupin, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023)
Juvenile Justice Administration in a Nutshell (West Academic Publishing, 4th ed., 2018; 5th ed., 2023)
– Passion Projects in Law Librarianship: A Belated Tribute to Igor Kavass and His Personal Mission to Acquire and Organize U.S. International Agreements, 114 Law Library Journal 431 (2022)
Naomi Cahn
Dina Francesca Haynes
Nahla Valji
The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict (Oxford University Press, paperback ed. with updated introduction, 2023) (co-editor) 
William C. Price Jr.
– When Taint Teams Go Awry: Laundering Unconstitutional Violations of the Fourth Amendment, 75 Arkansas Law Review 753 (2023)
– The Judicial System's Unjust Relationship with Attorney-Client Privilege: How Judges Knowingly (and Erroneously) Abrogate Important Contractual Arrangements in Corporate Transactions, 11 Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review 201 (2022)
– Practical Reasoning and the Communicative Model of Law, in Interpretivism and the Limits of Law 12-22 (Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki, Francesca Poggi & Izabela Skoczeń, eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022)
– When Cannabis Businesses Fail: Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors as an Alternative to Bankruptcy, 2022 Utah Law Review 967 (2022)
Sandra Bucerius
Prisons and Prisoners (University of Chicago Press, 2022) (co-editor)
– Another Look at Medieval Natural Rights: Tierney on Rights as Powers in Canon Law, in Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law: Paris, 17-23 July 2016 (Florence Demoulin-Auzary, Nicolas Laurent-Bonne & Franck Roumy, eds., Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 2022)
– Punishments, Politics, and Prisons in Western Countries, in Prisons and Prisoners 7-57 (Michael Tonry & Sandra Bucerius, eds., University of Chicago Press, 2022)
– Joseph Raz on Law's Moral Claims 8 RphZ Rechtsphilosophie 385-393 (2022)
– The Complexity of Sexual Violence, Birthing, and Status After the Fall of the Caliphate, in Challenging Conceptions: Children Born of Wartime Rape and Sexual Exploitation 199-216 (Kimberly Theidon, Dyan Mazurana & Dipali Anumol, eds., Oxford University Press, 2023)
Kenneth S. Abraham
– The Limits of Regulation by Insurance, 98 Indiana Law Journal 215 (2022)
Patent Claims (Thomson Reuters, 3d ed., 2022)
– Spousal Support in an Era of Inequality, 44 Houston Journal of International Law 367 (2022)