Prentiss Cox ’90

  • Professor of Law
190J Mondale Hall


  • Oberlin College, B.A.
  • University of Minnesota Law School, J.D.


  • Business Law
  • Clinical Legal Education
  • Consumer Law
  • Consumer Protection
  • Lawyering Skills & Negotiation
  • Predatory Lending

Professor Prentiss Cox ’90 writes and teaches in the areas of consumer protection law, public civil law enforcement, and legal practice skills. Prior to joining the faculty in 2005, Cox was Manager of Consumer Protection at the Minnesota Attorney General's Office, where he continues to hold a Special Assistant Attorney General appointment.

Cox has prosecuted numerous nationally recognized cases involving subprime mortgage lending, foreclosure, banking regulation, state attorney general enforcement authority, consumer fraud, and related matters. Cox has drafted numerous consumer protection statutes and rules, and he has and testified several times before Congress and state legislatures. He also is co-founder of Law in Practice, which is a required 1L course that teaches integrated doctrinal and professional skills learning.

Cox has served as a trainer and consultant for national non-profits, state and federal government agencies, and for developing nations. He was a member of the inaugural Consumer Advisory Board of the U. S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has been a Reporter for the Uniform Law Commission, and has served on numerous other boards and advisory commissions.

Consumer Protection Clinic

Civil Procedure


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Hon. Laura Thomas
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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Statutory Fraud Laws, in Minnesota Business Torts Deskbook (Edward T. Wahl, ed., Minnesota State Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education, 2008; 2d ed., 2009)

Editorials, Commentary & Letters

You’re Giving Away Your Rights in Those Online Contracts You Don’t Read, Baltimore Sun, Jan. 1, 2024
Jeff Sovern
Myriam Gilles
David Vladeck
Why We Must Not Gut Consumer Protections, Star Tribune, June 12, 2017
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William Bynum
Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick Should Be Rich Cordray, o, June 14, 2016

Other Publications

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Tom James