Prof. Jane Kirtley Quoted by Washington Post about Possible Television Coverage of Trump’s Federal Trial

Professor Jane Kirtley was quoted by the Washington Post about media calls to grant live television coverage of Donald Trump’s federal trial in March 2024. News organization petitions were sent to a U.S. District Judge requesting an exception to the long-standing rule that bars cameras from federal courtrooms. Many trials were televised during the pandemic including the Derek Chauvin trial which changed many opinions regarding cameras in the courtrooms. Professor Kirtley commented, “Even hardcore opponents … became converts.” Yet, she said, while it was her “sincere hope” that U.S. courts would go along at least with audio live-stream, “I cannot be optimistic,” given the federal judiciary’s “implacable” and long-standing opposition. “Judges don’t like to give up control, and they see cameras in the court as the camel’s nose under the tent.”