Kelly Lyn Mitchell
Executive Director, Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice & Lecturer in Law

Robina Institute Executive Director Kelly Lyn Mitchell Named to Gov. Tim Walz's Council on Justice Reinvestment

Kelly Lyn Mitchell, executive director of the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, has been appointed to the Governor's Council on Justice Reinvestment. Composed of bipartisan representatives from all three branches of government, county leadership, a representative of tribes in Minnesota, and key criminal justice stakeholders from both Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metropolitan area, the Council aims to improve outcomes for Minnesotans on probation and supervised release. 

Of the effort, Governor Walz said, "To keep Minnesota a great place for kids to grow up, we need safe neighborhoods and communities. For that to happen, we must deal with crime and violence in ways that are grounded in data and research, not politics. This initiative will bring together leaders from across the state – and from both sides of the aisle – to build data-driven policies that will make Minnesota's criminal justice system more effective, fair, and equitable."