Richard Frase
Professor of Law Emeritus
Benjamin N. Berger Professor of Criminal Law Emeritus
Former Co-Director, Robina Institute of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice

Prof. Frase Is Quoted in The New York Times Regarding the Dismissal of Third-Degree Murder Charges in George Floyd Killing

Professor Richard Frase is quoted in The New York Times in an article regarding a judge’s dismissal of the third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd. A more serious second-degree murder charge was upheld, as well as a second-degree manslaughter charge. Frase stated that, “in order to hold Chauvin liable for second-degree felony murder, the prosecution has to prove that death occurred in the course of committing a felony assault.” He went on to explain, “All we have to show is [Chauvin] intended some bodily harm, it escalated into substantial bodily harm and that’s felony assault. And then the victim died, so it’s felony murder.”