Richard Frase

Professor of Law Emeritus
Former Co-Director, Robina Institute of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice

Prof. Emeritus Richard Frase Interviewed on FOX 9 About New Minnesota Law Affecting Felony Murder Convictions

Professor Emeritus Richard Frase was interviewed on FOX 9 about new Minnesota statutes that have strengthened language about felony murders so that only those major participants in an actual killing face the harshest consequences. Previously, a person could be charged, convicted, and sent to prison for murder, even if there was no intent to harm anyone during the commission of a felony crime. Professor Frase, a member of the legislative task force studying the issue, said, “It is a very controversial doctrine, the whole felony murder rule. And about nine states have abolished it completely. There has to be proof of culpability on a secondary party. You cannot just say, well, you did the burglary and somebody died, so you are a murderer.”