Rule of Law – 6918

This seminar will examine the concepts and core principles of the Rule of Law. Seminar sessions will be devoted to identifying the meaning of the terms “rule of law” and “independence of the judiciary.” The importance of a strong and independent legal profession to the rule of law will be discussed. Seminar sessions will focus on such issues as the problem of corruption and the rule of law, the relationship between human rights law and the rule of law, and the challenges of war crimes and genocide. A variety of actions society can take in response to genocide will be discussed, including trying the perpetrators in the International Criminal Court. The seminar will explore the relationship between the rule of law and economic development and alleviation of poverty. The seminar will include a discussion of the responsibility of lawyers to support and promote the rule of law within their own country and in other developing countries.

Subject Area
Human Rights *
International Law *
Public Law
Student Year
Upper Division
Grade base
A - F
Course type