Legislation and Regulation - 1L – 6018

This course will explore lawmaking and statutory interpretation in the administrative state.

  • Topics include statutory interpretation by courts and by government agencies; delegation of policymaking authority to government agencies; agency rulemaking and adjudication procedures; and judicial review of agency interpretations of statutes and regulations.  The course will also consider how statutes guide and constrain judicial and agency decisionmaking. 
  • Because the 1L spring legal writing problem will involve a statutory issue, this course is structured to address methods and tools of statutory construction early in the semester, before students will need to apply those methods and tools in writing their legal writing briefs.
  • For current 1Ls, this course will be a prerequisite for Administrative Law, which in turn is listed as a required or recommended course for several concentrations (including business law; environmental and energy law; family law; health law and bioethics; and immigration law).  Because courses in a variety of legal subfields involve complex statutory and regulatory regimes and their administration by government agencies, this course will provide a foundational context for those courses.
  • For current 1Ls, this course is required for graduation. 
Course Equivalency

Students may NOT earn credit if LAW 5078 or 6078 Legislation and Regulation was previously completed.

Subject Area
Administrative & Regulatory Law
Public Law
Student Year
Grade base
A - F
Course type