June Carbone

Robina Chair in Law, Science and Technology

Prof. June Carbone's New Book Fair Shake Covered in Forbes Article About Pay Equity for Women

Prof. June Carbone's new book Fair Shake, with co-authors Naomi Cahn (University of Virginia Law School) and Nancy Levit (University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law), was mentioned in Forbes last month in an article that examines pay equity for women in the workplace. 

The article describes the co-authors' findings, "The book describes our economy as a “winner-take-all” system where business executives have the opportunity to amass a large share of resources for themselves and their chosen team. Partly driven by the capital markets, rewards are paid primarily for meeting short-term goals, like sales and earnings. To generate these, many top leaders pit employees against each other, creating hyper-competition and endurance contests. Employees become insecure and some engage in bullying, harassing, and dominating behaviors. It is in these types of companies where greater gender disparities are shown."