Randall Ryder ’09

Assistant Professor of Appellate Advocacy
Director of Moot Court Program
Director of Law in Practice

Prof. Randall Ryder ’09 Quoted in Bloomberg Law Analysis About Law in Practice and the Law School Innovation Program

Professor Randall Ryder ’09 was quoted in Bloomberg Law Analysis about Minnesota Law’s Law in Practice program. Bloomberg Law’s second annual Law School Innovation Program identified Minnesota Law as one of the top innovative law schools that is prioritizing the practical skill development of its students. Bloomberg Law recognized top-scoring programs in four categories: changing pedagogy, beyond the law, immersive experience, and career pathing. Professor Ryder said that transitioning from the classroom to the courtroom can be a struggle for many students and that practicing law “requires multidimensional skills combined with a thorough understanding of the law, and law school specifically has been criticized for not paying enough attention to the development and cultivation of both practical and professional skills for students.” But LiP addresses this criticism by allowing students to “build their skills in a safe space, under the guidance of thoughtful and supportive instructors.”