Professor Kristin Hickman

Kristin Hickman

Associate Dean for Research and Intellectual Life
McKnight Presidential Professor in Law
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Harlan Albert Rogers Professor in Law
Associate Director, Corporate Institute

Prof. Kristin Hickman Speaks on Federalist Society Webinar Titled, “Chevron Under Review: Courthouse Steps Preview: Loper Bright & Relentless.” 

Chevron v. NRDC (1984) and subsequent precedents held that courts should defer to agency interpretations of ambiguous statutes. This “Chevron Deference” has been a topic of great debate, with many calling for it to be overturned, while others argue it is a vital part of how courts address the complexity of law and agency actions. Experts on both sides argue it has implications on the role of judges, judicial independence, separation of powers, stare decisis, governmental accountability, and the rule of law. In two cases this term the U.S. Supreme Court will be asked whether that precedent should be overturned. Professor Kristin Hickman was a panelist discussing the topic on a webinar sponsored by the Federalist Society. View the video.