David Schultz ’98

Myron Orfield

Myron Orfield

Earl R. Larson Professor of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law
Director, Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity

Visiting Prof. David Schultz and Prof. Myron Orfield Pen Op-Ed in MinnPost about Former Minnesota Attorney General Skip Humphrey's Role in School Integration

Visiting Professor David Schultz and Professor Myron Orfield co-wrote an op-ed in the MinnPost about the recent Cruz-Cuzman v. Minnesota Court of Appeals decision, and how it is a direct reverberation of a decision in 1998 made by the Attorney General's office, led by Hubert "Skip" Humphrey III. Defending a lawsuit against the state contending schools were racially segregated, his office asserted that voluntary integration through open enrollment was illegal, allowing charter schools to become exempt from the responsibility to integrate.

Professors Myron & Schultz argue that Humphrey put political ambition above the ethical duty to cite the law properly and honestly, sharing that "had Humphrey done that he would have fulfilled his ethical duty of honesty and candor to the court. Moreover had he been honest the court back then might not have ruled the way it did in upholding a racially flawed integration plan."