JaneAnne Murray
Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Minnesota Lawyer Reports on Clemency Clinic's Efforts to Secure Federal Clemency for Client Previously Granted Clemency From the Minnesota Board of Pardons

In a column headed "Law School Excellence," Minnesota Lawyer reported on the efforts of the Law School's Clemency Clinic, run by Professor JaneAnne Murray, to secure clemency for its client Kelli Caron from the Biden administration.

Last year, Caron received a commuted sentence from the Minnesota Board of Pardons, the first person to do so in nearly three decades. However, she is imprisoned in Alabama for an unrelated federal drug charge for her role in a meth conspiracy case. She was sentenced to 14 years and has spent 6½ years in prison, which may be twice the amount of time she would have been ordered to serve if sentenced in 2021.

Caron, 38, is hoping for release so that she can have biological children. Minnesota Lawyer reports that Murray filed Caron’s petition, and Ingrid Hofeldt, 3L, drafted the petition under Murray’s supervision. Caron’s application is one of 17,000 clemency applications that the federal government needs to review.