JaneAnne Murray
Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Professor Murray Quoted by KMSP about the Clemency Clinic's Successful Petition for Resentencing in Felony Murder Case

As reported by KMSP, earlier this week, Megan Cater, a client of the Law School's Clemency Clinic, was the first to be resentenced under legislation passed last year by the Minnesota legislature narrowing the category of individuals who could be charged with the crime of aiding and abetting felony murder. Ms. Cater and her co-defendant Briana Martinson had originally pled to felony murder arising out of a burglary that ended in a tragic death, receiving sentences of 13.5 years each. The Minnesota legislature changed the felony murder law so that only those who directly commit the murder or directly aid them can be charged with the crime. The change in law was also made retroactive. Ms. Cater and Ms. Martinson, who played no role in the murder, are the first of many who are eligible for relief under this statute. On February 6, 2024, their murder convictions were vacated and they were resentenced to less than half their original sentences on the underlying burglary charges. Having served more than six years. they were both released later that day. Murray is quoted as saying "[w]e are grateful Megan Cater has been given this second chance by Minnesota legislators to re-enter society . . . There are too many people serving lengthy sentences in Minnesota’s prisons that do not reflect their minor and less culpable roles in their offenses."

Clemency Clinic Student Director Emma Kruger '24 worked on Ms. Cater's resentencing petition and argued on Ms. Cater's behalf in court on February 6, 2024.