Prof. Karen Lundquist Named LegalCORPS Volunteer of the Year

Karen Lundquist, assistant professor of legal writing and English as a second language in the Law School’s LL.M. program, has been honored as the 2017 Volunteer of the Year by LegalCORPS, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit. Through the services of volunteer attorneys, LegalCORPS provides free assistance in nonlitigation business law matters to low-income owners of small businesses, small nonprofit organizations, and low-income innovators in Minnesota. Lundquist will receive her award at LegalCORPS’ annual celebration, to be held the evening of Monday, Oct. 2, at Surly Destination Brewery in Minneapolis.

In a statement, LegalCORPS noted that, since January, Lundquist had accepted 14 full-representation pro bono cases—significantly more than any other volunteer. Lundquist also routinely includes her students in her volunteer work, thus mentoring the next generation of attorneys while addressing the needs of LegalCORPS clients. Volunteers have the ability to work on cases that are of particular interest to them—Lundquist, for example, is often drawn to cases that involve animals—but she has enthusiastically stepped up when asked to assist with a specific matter. “She is extremely generous with her time and very responsive, both to her clients and our office,” the statement concluded. “LegalCORPS is privileged to have such a dedicated volunteer.”

Lundquist joined the Law School’s LL.M. faculty in 2011. She has been a practicing attorney with a focus on employment law since 2006. Her textbook, Legal Writing and Legal Skills for Foreign LL.M. Students, was published earlier this year.

Karen Lundquist
Assistant Professor of ESL and Legal Skills