Law In Practice Student Instructor – 7007

* Multi-semester course

Students enrolled in this course will serve as student instructors in the Law in Practice (LiP) Program.  In the fall semester, student instructors will work with the directors of LiP to develop and refine the content of the course, course materials, and the lawyering skills simulations that will be conducted in the spring. In the spring semester, student instructors will be assigned to one of the LiP law firm sections and will work alongside the faculty member overseeing that section in addition to the LiP directors.The duties of the student instructors will include (1) serving as mentors/liaisons to 1L students, including answering their questions and assisting with their preparation for simulations; (2) assisting adjunct professors with classroom instruction; (3) assisting law firm faculty in evaluating and providing feedback on written assignments; (4) conducting legal research to improve and refine simulated case files; (5) working with faculty to develop remote alternatives to in-person simulations; (6) observing and suggesting improvements and refinements to lawyering skills simulations; (7) drafting and revising materials and meeting with standardized clients to help prepare them for their participation in simulations; and (8) providing administrative support including local grade tracking, processing written assignments, coordinating with adjunct faculty, mediators and judges on simulation scheduling and logistics, and course material management.

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