Kathryn Sedo

  • Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus


  • University of Michigan, A.B., J.D.


  • Business Law
  • Clinical Legal Education
  • Disability
  • General Practice
  • Tax Law
  • Workers' Compensation

Clinical Professor Kathryn J. Sedo is an authority on cooperative law. She teaches clinics in the areas of tax law, general practice, workers' compensation, and disability law.

Professor Sedo received her A.B. degree and J.D. degree, cum laude, from the University of Michigan. After graduating from law school, she practiced law with the firm of Sedo and Darnton in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She joined the clinical faculty of the University of Minnesota Law School in 1979. She has been an adjunct professor at Madonna College. In addition, she has taught at the Université Jean Moulin in Lyon, France, and the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Since 1984, Professor Sedo has represented worker and consumer cooperatives in the Upper Midwest. She is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association and the American Bar Association Taxation Section.

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Book Chapters

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Other Publications

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