Francis Shen

Professor of Law
Solly Robbins Distinguished Research Fellow

Prof. Francis Shen Co-Authors Op-Ed in STAT Advocating for Neuroimaging Counseling

Professor Francis Shen co-authored an opinion piece in the publication STAT advocating neuroimaging counseling. The authors noted that due to the availability of portable MRIs, the ease of having a brain scans is becoming more affordable with easier access. But this emerging technology is also raising ethical concerns. “Greater access to these devices will allow greater use of neuroimaging in clinical care. But this technological evolution may also pave the way for an even more radical reality: individuals seeking scans for reasons other than to detect a potential neurologic problem,” said Prof. Shen and his colleagues. “We envision a future of regular brain-health “check-ups” via portable MRI devices, public health neurologic screening, population neuroscience research involving millions of participants, and even direct-to-consumer imaging services akin to 23andMe in genetics.”