Prof. Alan Rozenshtein Interviewed by Scripps News, ABC News, and CBC News About TikTok Ban Litigation

Professor Alan Rozenshtein was interviewed by Scripps News, ABC News, and CBC News about TikTok parent company Bytedance suing the U.S. government over a new law that would ban the app unless Bytedance sells it within the law’s 270-day deadline. Congress raised concerns the Chinese government could force Bytedance to share user data and it could manipulate algorithms to influence U.S. public opinion. Prof. Rozenshtein said he believes TikTok is going to argue that the threat is speculative. He told Scripps News, “The government’s going to argue that it’s not particularly speculative and it’s going to ultimately be up to the court to decide just how much proof of this specific concrete imminent threat is required.” Prof. Rozenshtein told ABC News, “This case is not a slam dunk in either direction. There's a chance TikTok could win – it’s more likely the courts, including the Supreme Court, will uphold the law.”