Prof. Alan Rozenshtein Quoted in Bloomberg About Possible TikTok Ban and Legal Ramifications

Professor Alan Rozenshtein was quoted in Bloomberg about the potential legal dispute if TikTok is banned. The provision to ban the app if its parent company does not sell it within nine months, was approved by Congress and signed into law as part of an emergency bill authorizing aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. If the dispute ends up in the courts, potentially the U.S. Supreme Court may have to weigh the government’s security concerns against the free speech and interests of its users and the app’s corporate owner. The government may have precedent on its side: The U.S. has long restricted foreign ownership of media companies, radio stations, and telephone networks. Prof Rozenshtein said, “If the question is ‘will this thing hold up in court?’ I think it’s more likely than not that it will.”