June Carbone

Robina Chair in Law, Science and Technology

Prof. June Carbone Writes Op-Ed for The Hill About Trump’s Linking of Business Strategy and Authoritarianism

Professor June Carbone co-authored an Op-Ed piece for The Hill about Donald Trump’s linking of business strategy and authoritarianism. The authors wrote, “Donald Trump likes to brag about his business skills. The former president’s detractors view him as an authoritarian. Trump ran for president in 2016 touting his financial success, and many of his supporters liked the idea of America being run as a business. Today, his detractors decry his use of tactics straight out of the authoritarian playbook. What no one is pointing out is that these two qualities are linked. Trump is a walking caricature of the traits that came to dominate corporate America when the winners of a new competitive corporate “tournament” replaced the “organization man” of the 1950s. And the antidote to such evils? The empowerment of women.”