Prof. Alan Rozenshtein Quoted in New York Times and Star Tribune About Trump Ballot Eligibility

Professor Alan Rozenshtein was quoted in the New York Times and the Star Tribune regarding the effects of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that said Donald Trump is ineligible to be on that state’s presidential primary ballot. The ruling is expected to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. In early November, the Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed the eligibility challenge for the Minnesota primary election. The Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision didn’t address the constitutionality of Trump being on the ballot and the disqualification question for the general election could come up again. In his assessment of the Colorado decision, Professor Rozenshtein said “the main impact is that it is likely to lead to an authoritative [U.S.] Supreme Court decision, which will resolve the Minnesota case without the Minnesota Supreme Court having to rule, which is what I suspect the Minnesota court desperately wanted to begin with.”