Professor Allan Erbsen
Allan Erbsen
Popham, Haik, Schnobrich/Lindquist & Vennum Professor of Law

Prof. Allan Erbsen Quoted in Star Tribune about Class Action Suit Against Dominium, a Housing Developer

Professor Allan Erbsen  was quoted in the Star Tribune about a class action lawsuit brought against affordable-housing developer, Dominium.

A Hennepin County district judge on Monday granted a group of tenants class-action certification, giving them added leverage in the lawsuit against their landlord. The tenants accuse Dominium of consumer fraud, alleging the company claims to comply with laws surrounding the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program at properties financed using the credits, but knowingly fails to do so.

Erbsen cautioned that the filing of a class action suit doesn't mean an automatic win for the plaintiffs, rather "The court is saying that the plaintiffs' legal claims are of a type that is sufficiently similar that they should be able to litigate them as a class rather than individually," he said.