Charlotte Garden
Charlotte Garden
Professor of Law
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Prof. Charlotte Garden Quoted in the Wisconsin State Journal on Madison Starbucks Workers Going on Strike

Prof. Charlotte Garden was interviewed in the Wisconsin State Journal about Madison Starbucks workers going on strike on Saturday, claiming the company engaged in unfair labor practices by removing Pride month-related displays and decorations from the stores in June.

The article states, "Workers said the move demonstrates the company's lack of support for its LGBTQ employees in a year when the annual celebration of the LGBTQ community has drawn backlash from social conservatives across the country."

Prof. Garden told the Wisconsin State Journal, "If, as employees allege, the company had a 'pre-existing practice of recognizing Pride in a particular way,' and that practice affects employees’ working conditions, the employer can’t simply change it," she said. "The company has to hold working conditions constant unless it gets the union's permission to make changes on an issue-by-issue basis,” Garden said, explaining that the law is designed to prevent employers from creating a 'moving target' that could undermine the union during the bargaining process.