Richard W. Painter
S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law

Prof. Richard Painter Interviewed on NPR about Classified Documents Found at President Biden's Residence

Professor Richard Painter was interviewed by NPR on the classified documents discovered at President Biden's residence. As a former White House chief ethics lawyer, Professor Painter offered his expertise on the matter. When asked whether Biden should bear responsibility for the documents' misplacement, he responded, "Ultimately, we do have responsibility for the work of our staff and - whether it's the vice president's office or, on the other hand, the people over at the Penn Biden Center, who also should have made sure that they only had that which they were entitled to have. And the president does bear responsibility, the boss does. That does not mean it's criminal responsibility. And once again, he did not refuse to turn over the documents. The - his lawyers and the president reported this when they found the documents. This is very different than the situation we had down in Mar-a-Lago."