Professor Chomsky speaks on Rethinking the Bar Exam

On June 23, Professor Carol Chomsky spoke as part of a panel at the 2022 MSBA Annual Convention, titled "Elimination of Bias: Rethinking the Bar Exam." She addressed the ways in which the current bar exam fails to test adequately for minimum competence, the reform efforts being undertaken around the country with respect to attorney licensing, recent studies identifying the nature of minimum competence for lawyers, and the recommendation she helped prepare proposing a supervised practice pathway to licensing. Eura Chang, a 2022 graduate of the Law School, also spoke on the panel, addressing concerns about equity in bar licensing and bar exam results, based on her recent article in the Minnesota Law Review. More information on the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners two-year study of the bar examination and the proposals for changes to attorney licensing in Minnesota can be accessed here.