George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Announced

With a generous gift from Catlan M. McCurdy ’11 and Sanjiv P. Laud ’12, and an equal match from the Law School, the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship in Law was announced this week. 

The endowed scholarship will provide critical financial support, allowing underrepresented students, and Black or African-American students in particular, to pursue careers in the law and achieve their dreams.  

“Mr. Floyd’s killing was a tragic reminder of the inequity and injustice facing Black Americans today, despite the decades that have passed since the civil rights movement,” McCurdy and Laud observe in their statement announcing the establishment of the scholarship. They expressed a hope that recipients of this scholarship will join the legal profession and join Minnesota Law alumni in advocating for racial justice and equality. 

Dean Garry W. Jenkins noted, “As we lean into this moment together, I am proud and humbled by the actions and leadership of Catlan and Sanjiv, along with others in our Minnesota Law community. They have stepped up and taken action in addressing the challenges of racism and moving us towards justice. Their gift shows that we can all make a difference.” 

McCurdy and Laud called on others in the Minnesota Law community and the broader Twin Cities legal community to stand with them and contribute to the scholarship fund. “Our nation is at a crossroads. The time to confront inequality and racism is now, and the whole world is watching. Together we can make a difference.”

Support the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship.